The Update 18.2 For PUBG Reveals The New Map: Deston

PUBG: Battlegrounds is going to get one of the major updates this month. With this update, a new map called Deston will be added to the game, along with new weapons and vehicles. Here's what you need to know about the upcoming PUBG update and a new map, Deston.

The Update 18.2 For PUBG Reveals The New Map: Deston

PUBG: Battlegrounds, one of the biggest battle royale games since its release, is going to get one of its major updates. The patch notes for update 18.2 reveal the new map called Deston, new weapons, and new vehicles. Update 18.2 for PUBG will be released on July 13 for PCs and July 21 for consoles.

Besides adding a new map, weapons, and vehicles, Update 18.2 will also bring a new feature, Ascender, to the game. Players will be able to move faster vertically with this new feature.

PUBG‘s 9th New Map: Deston

Deston is a huge map that presents diverse biomes, including a flooded city named Ripton full of skyscrapers, an island, clear coasts, a swamp, and beautiful mountains. Besides these, there will be a concert festival ground, a hydroelectric dam, and more areas in PUBG‘s new map, Deston. Players will also be able to use the new feature, Ascender, on this new map.

The Update 18.2 For PUBG New Features

Update 18.2 for PUBG brings a new map named Deston and a new feature called Ascender.

New Feature: Ascender

The Ascender feature will include a rope with one end at the top of structures such as skyscrapers and the other end on the ground. Players will be able to climb to the top of the skyscrapers using these ascenders. This will allow players to travel faster vertically.

PUBG: Battlegrounds will also bring this new feature to other maps. Players will be able to use Ascenders via Cell Towers. These are very tall and thin buildings that are focused on Ascenders.

Other New Features of the Update 18.2 Include:

  • Drone-only areas in Deston
  • Security doors that can be opened with security keys
  • A new weapon: the O12, the fastest shotgun that uses 12 gauge slug ammo.
  • The new system: Workshop, where you can create your own skin
  • New vehicle: Swamp Boat
  • Another new feature is the fuel pump. Players will be able to refuel their cars by stopping at the fuel pumps, which are located throughout Deston.


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