7 of the Best Vikendi Landing Spots in PUBG

If you’re not always sure where to land on PUBG’s Vikendi map, this is the post for you! Vikendi is a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds map that includes numerous smaller towns and other interesting locations. The article list below provides further details for several good Vikendi landing spots in PUBG.

7 of the best Vikendi landing spots in PUBG

Vikendi is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ winter wonderland, a frosty map coated with snow and ice. It’s one of the two smaller maps in the game that has a unique night mode in which players can play out an entire match in the darkness. For a relatively small map, there are lots of interesting locations in Vikendi. Thus, there are also quite a few interesting Vikendi landing spots in PUBG

Choosing a decent landing spot to parachute onto Vikendi will get you off to a good start. Dobro Mestro, Volnova, Krichas, and Goroka are among Vikendi’s largest towns packed with the most loot. However, they’re also among the most risky landing spots that a lot of other players land at. So, it can be better to parachute into less crowded smaller towns or larger building blocks that still provide a good amount of loot to get started with. These are seven Vikendi landing spots in PUBG that are worth noting.

1. Vihar

Vihar is one of the smallest towns in Vikendi on the map’s western coast. This landing spot frequently gets overlooked in favor of nearby Movatra and Dobro Mestro further north. Therefore, it’s somewhat safer to land in Vihar, and there is still plenty of gear to pick up here. The expansive warehouses in the south side of the town alone include a good stash of gear. Furthermore, there are five nearby vehicle respawn points running along Vihar that ensure you can usually find something to ride from here.

2. The Small Church

This landing spot is at the location within the red circle on the map shown directly below. There you’ll find a small church surrounded by numerous large buildings. The church itself includes a few things to pick up, but you’ll find more than enough gear to fill your bag within the buildings that surround it. You can pick up even more loot at another block of buildings just south of the church that are a very quick walk away.

7 of the best Vikendi landing spots in PUBG

The church’s location on the Vikendi map.

3. Milnar

Milnar is one of Vikendi’s smaller towns, which is situated on the south coast. Although one of the smaller towns, it includes big three-floor buildings that are stuffed with loot. This town won’t usually be crawling with lots of hostiles when you land in it. However, if you do see a few players parachuting toward Milnar beneath you, you can divert yourself toward a block of expansive warehouses just north of the town. They also include a good amount of gear to get started with.

4. Warehouses South of Goroka

A little to the southwest of Goroka, you can land at a block of warehouses circled on the map directly below. The warehouses and other buildings there provide a good amount of gear for a couple of players to get started with. As the warehouse block is situated at a crossroads, you can usually find a nearby vehicle there to ride into the safe zone with. You will sometimes find a vehicle at the location’s garage respawn point also. A short walk further west will also take you to another warehouse block with even more gear to pick up.

7 of the best Vikendi landing spots in PUBG

The warehouse block’s location on the Vikendi map.

5. Port

Port along the north coast is a slightly riskier Vikendi landing spot in PUBG than some of the others mentioned here. However, it’s still a much safer spot to land at than locations like Dobro Mestro and Castle. If you see a few players parachuting into Port ahead of you, you can shift yourself toward a block of buildings just west of Port.

7 of the best Vikendi landing spots in PUBG

The port on PUBG’s Vikendi map.

There’s some very good level two and three loot to pick up here at its large warehouses, buildings, and crates. This location also includes two ships you can climb aboard that are stocked with gear. Port is a long way from the center of Vikendi, but you can usually find something to ride at one of its four nearby respawn points or in its garage.

6. Trevno

Trevno is a small fishing town on Vikendi’s northeast coast. This is a port town that includes a lighthouse overlooking its small boat marina. As it lies on the outskirts of the map, this is among the less risky towns to parachute into. It provides a diverse loot pool to collect your gear from that’s more than enough for a squad to get started with. You can also jump on one of the boats in its marina to ride away to other locations along Vikendi’s coastline.

7 of the best Vikendi landing spots in PUBG

Trevno’s lighthouse

7. Secret cave location

I don’t recommend this as an immediate landing spot as it’s a secret cave you can only access with a vehicle or explosive frag grenade. However, this is definitely a location worth checking out once you’ve grabbed a couple of guns at buildings. Land at some buildings that are near to the secret cave. Thereafter, head toward the secret cave’s location within the red circle shown on the map directly below.

7 of the best Vikendi landing spots in PUBG

The secret cave’s location on the Vikendi map.

As noted before, you’ll need to either pick up some explosive frag grenades or find a vehicle before access; I recommend the latter. You won’t see the hole in that large rock at first, but the concrete path that leads up to the cave entrance can identify you’re at the right spot. Then ride your vehicle along the concrete path into the rock to smash a hole in it as in the shot below.

7 of the best Vikendi landing spots in PUBG

Vikendi’s secret cave.

There you’ll discover a vast inner chamber that’s loaded with gear. The cave includes numerous red air-dropped crates. The story behind the cave is that a militia stashed stolen air-dropped crates loaded with gear there as a storage base for a war against Vikendi’s regime.

Those Vikendi landing spots in PUBG are good starting points. At those landing spots, you can find plenty of loot without parachuting into war zones. That will give you more time to collect some decent gear before engaging hostiles.

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