What To Expect From PUBG’s New Map

After several weeks of testing, PUBG's third map is finally here. Alongside this, the highly-popular title will receive a new patch which brings UI and sound improvements as well as the new map. Unlike Erangel and Miramar, the main difference is that Sanhok is a lot smaller - 4km x 4km as opposed to 8km x 8km.

What To Expect From PUBG's New Map
In addition, despite the maps smaller size, it will still host up to 100 players, thereby promoting fierce close-quarter combat with opposing players. Moreover, Patch #15 introduces a new weapon, the QBZ95, which is an assault rifle that uses 5.56 rounds and can only be found on the Sanhok map replacing the SCAR-L.

As previously stated, the new map will bring a multitude of game improvements such as the tweaking of the game’s leaderboard UI, friends list and replay function. With this, many in game elements like the map and results screen will be aesthetically improved to further boost the quality of the hit title. Furthermore, Patch #15 will resolve bugs which are outlined the Steam patch notes.

Please be sure to read our guide on how to ensure your longevity in PUBG games. Alternatively, you can check out our previous article which showcases an official E3 tease for PUBG’s fourth map which is expected to be released in Winter 2018.

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