PUBG PS4 Release May Be On The Cards

After months of silence and rumours from PUBG Corp, PlayStation 4 players may finally get to see PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) released onto the console after some interesting developments.

PUBG PS4 Release May Be On The Cards
As reported by Eurogamer, the Korean Ratings Board has certified PUBG for a PS4 release. Although, nothing has been confirmed by the game’s developers, PUBG Corp, this is a promising sign that the popular game will be released onto the console. With this news, the game could potentially be released onto the console by the end of this year, with the game making its debut on Xbox One in December of last year. Moreover, albeit never confirmed, rumours were present that Microsoft secured a 12-month period of exclusivity for the game, which could explain why there has been developments in this field.

With regards to the Xbox version of the title, the game finally left early access with 1.0 update. This launched in cohesion with a new ‘War Mode’, described as a deathmatch-style experience in a limited area with respawns. If you love PUBG, why not check out our advanced guide for the game?

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