6 of the Best Vehicles in PUBG to Get Around in

This PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game guide tells you about six of the best vehicles in PUBG. Cars can save you from the dreaded Blue Zone. Check out the best vehicles in PUBG for getting around that game’s biggest maps in this guide.

6 of the best vehicles in PUBG to get around in

Vehicles are important in PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) matches on bigger maps, such as Miramar and Erangel. It is on those maps that players can find themselves a long way from the Safe Zone after landing. Under such circumstances, you’ll usually need to find a car to ensure you can reach the white circle before the dreaded Blue Zone does. Cars can also help you reach distant locations and teammates much more quickly. These are some of the best vehicles in PUBG to hit the road with.

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1. Mirado

Mirado is a classic coupe/sedan vehicle with a stylish design that’s exclusive to the Miramar map. It’s a very fast vehicle with a top speed of 152 km/h. This car offers decent enough protection for up to four players. With a health value of 2,000, Mirado can also take lots of damage before blowing.

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The only drawback to utilizing this vehicle is that it can’t handle Miramar’s bumpy off-road terrain as well as some of the other alternatives. Therefore, it’s better to stick to Miramar’s straight and narrow highways with the Mirado.

2. UAZ

The UAZ is an off-road military vehicle with three variants you can ride on Erangel. Of those variants, the closed-top UAZ is perhaps the most beloved vehicle in PUBG. The closed UAZ provides the best vehicle protection from enemy fire and has a high health value of 1,820. Therefore, UAZ is the safest and most durable cars in the game. With a top speed of 130 km/h, it’s also fast.



There isn’t any notable drawback to riding the closed UAZ. However, the open-top UAZ variant without a roof can leave some players in it a bit exposed to enemy fire.

3. Rony

The Rony is a pickup truck vehicle that’s a godsend on Sanhok. Sanhok’s alternative Scooter and Tukshai vehicles are awful ones you shouldn’t touch with a barge pole. Rony, however, is a decent car that’s pretty fast (110 km/h top speed) and extremely durable. It can also handle Sanhok’s hilly landscapes better than any other on that map.

The Rony

The Rony

One drawback the Rony has is that it only protects up to two players. This vehicle can carry a full team of four, but two players must sit in its rear cargo bed. The players in the Rony’s rear cargo bed are exposed to enemy gunfire. Thus, Rony is not entirely ideal for transporting full squads – but it’s perfect for solo matches.

4. Buggy

Buggy is recommended primarily because of its superb off-road handling. The vehicle can move across even the most topsy-turvy off-road terrain on Miramar with few issues. With a relatively fast speed and a 1,540 health value, Buggy is a good vehicle for riding across Miramar’s mountainous terrain.

The Buggy

The Buggy

However, Buggy does have a few shortcomings. As it can only carry two players, this vehicle is not particularly suitable for squad matches. Buggy’s biggest shortcoming, however, is that it’s an open-frame vehicle that lacks paneling and armor protection, which leaves players in it vulnerable to enemy fire. Nevertheless, it’s still worth utilizing Buggy on Miramar when you can’t find any of the few better alternatives.

5. Dacia

The Dacia 1300 is a Romanian sedan car you can take for a spin on Erangel. It’s one of the fastest cars in PUBG that can reach 131 km/h on the open road. This is also a very durable vehicle with decent build quality that provides good protection for up to four players.

The Dacia

The Dacia

Dacia’s off-road performance isn’t so good, but that’s not such a big deal on Erangel’s somewhat smoother terrain. Its engine is a little weak, however, which can slow it down when riding up Erangel’s big hills.

6. Pickup (Closed Top)

Miramar’s exclusive closed-top Pickup car is comparable to Erangel’s UAZ. This is the best vehicle you can ride on Miramar because it’s a strong off-road performer that also provides good protection for four players. It’s not as fast as some of PUBG’s other best vehicles, but Pickup is a decent all-rounder nonetheless.

The Pickup

The Pickup

The best vehicles in PUBG above are the ones you should always keep an eye out for when you need to move across the map faster. Make sure you swamp any inferior vehicles for them. They’re reliable vehicles that will get you across the map reasonably promptly, and most of them offer decent enough protection from enemy fire.

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