PUBG: 5 Tips On How Not To Die

Over 2017, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (more commonly known as PUBG) has become a hit amongst PC gamers, with it recently hitting over three million concurrent players and having an Xbox One release. But, how do you survive the onslaught of murderous players in this stimulating game? Hopefully these five tips will assist you in your survival.

Pubg How not to Die
1) Be ready

Unfortunately PUBG is not a game you can relax to – you must be on the top of your game to ensure your survival. This starts from the very beginning when you are warming up, test your reflexes and get used to the controls –  as this can give you a key advantage over your less focused opponents. Once you have left the warm up zone and enter the plane, you must get ready to parachute out of the plane: pick where you are going to land using the map (press M – you can also set markers by right clicking), and land there as soon as possible by pointing your character downwards, as this will make you pick up speed and cut out a bit of time when you open your parachute.

PUBG: How Not To Die - Get on the ground as soon as possible
Once you have landed you need to find loot quickly – there is no time to mess about. Prioritise a car if you see one, as they can be the difference in a good game or a bad one – use this map to help you find the spawn points on the Erangel map. If you find a car – don’t loot – as you can drive away to a less populated area and obtain all the good loot for yourself with a lower risk of being killed. Moreover, finding weapons, medical equipment and backpacks to increase your carrying capacity are important survival essentials and must be found in order to survive.

2) Medical equipment and body armour are key

The first step plays a huge role in this, as you must loot quickly in the early stages of the game. By having a vast supply of medical equipment and body armour (including helmets) you more likely to survive a game, as you will take less damage, and when you do, you will be able to heal yourself and get yourself back to full fighting strength. However, body armour will be damaged when fighting so finding new ones or taking the one from a dead corpse if they are not damaged is essential.

3) Stay close to the danger zone

This is where a vehicle and scope come in handy, as you can pick off players running towards you, and stay away from the main fights ensuring your longevity in a highly competitive PUBG match. Some players argue that you should try and stick in the middle of the map, as this gives you the advantage near the end of the game, but you tend to be more vulnerable to attacks from multiple angles.

PUBG: How Not To Die - Use vehicles to your advantage
Furthermore, the electric zone (or whatever it is) does not actually do to much damage in the early to mid-game so going in it from a few moments won’t hurt you and will allow you to snipe players who are running to safe zone, which will increase the points you get from the end of the game.

4) Get a scope

If you can obtain a 4x or 8x scope for a decent medium to long range weapon such as the M416, you’re pretty much on the way to victory. If you can obtain a scope then you will have a massive strategic advantage over your foes, as you will be able to snipe them from distance and assess the battlefield when deciding how to make your move. In addition, it is essential you keep 2x scope as well, due to them being useful in short range combat and when the zone gets small near the end of the game.

5) Stay stealthy 

This key point is arguably the most important on the list, as by staying stealthy you will maintain the advantage over players you decide to attack, and will allow you to slip past players without being noticed if you are short on ammo or do not have the necessary equipment for a efficient attack. Moreover, you can assess the battlefield and make wiser decisions ensuring your survival.

PUBG: How Not To Die - Maintain the element of surprise over enemies
Being stealthy is a great tactic near the end of the game, as you can allow other players to kill each other off, so you can come in and kill the last player, who is likely to have less ammo and be damaged, and if you are hidden you also have the advantage of surprise. Please note, I would also recommend leaving your vehicle near the end of the game, as the noise and positioning of a vehicle will give away your position – leaving you open to attack. Finally, I usually avoid crates as players will often use their scopes to attack players heading towards them. 

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And if I can’t get a single rifle or piece of armor then what should I do?



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