PUBG Closing In On Two Million Concurrent Players

Since our previous article, which stated that PUBG was close to one million concurrent players, the game is now reaching a staggering two million concurrent players. PUBG set the record for most concurrent users on Steam, having beaten DOTA 2's previous high of 1,291,328 users back in September.

PUBG Closing In On Two Million Concurrent Players
Despite the release of Fortnite, the failed attempt the steal PUBG's crown, and a host of server issues, the game continues to grow faster and faster. PUBG, which is published by Bluehole, is very close to hitting two million concurrent players. PUBG peaked with 1.96 million players this weekend, compared to 716k for its closest challenger Dota 2.

Therefore, it does not come at a surprise that Microsoft is reportedly planning to extend its PUBG exclusivity period, which would be disappointing for Sony. It's suggested that Xbox One would have exclusive console rights to the game until the middle of next year, or maybe even longer! Meaning that the PS4 version will be delayed until late 2018. PUBG will be released later this year on Xbox One.

PUBG can be purchased from the KeenGamer ESHOP. But, if you're interested in seeing the changes made to PUBG in the 'Week 26' update check out our article!

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