9 Tips for Eliminating More Players in PUBG Mobile

Have you just added PUBG Mobile to your tablet or phone? If so, welcome to the wonderful world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds! You'll have loads of fun blasting away players in PUBG Mobile. The article list below includes a few kill tips for PUBG.

9 Tips for Eliminating More Players in PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has taken mobile gaming to new heights. This battle-royale shoot em up has enthralled players the world over with its pulsating gun-blasting action. Unlike its Windows and console counterparts, PUBG Mobile is freely available for Android and iOS platforms at Google Play and the Apple Store. So, if you haven’t already played this enthralling blaster, what are you waiting for? Add it to your mobile ASAP, and then check out some of the tips for PUBG below.

Blasting players off the map is what PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is all about. To win PUBG Mobile games, surviving is one thing; but you’ll still need to kill, or eliminate, at least one player in non-team matches. Although you don’t always need to rack up a huge number of kills to emerge victorious in standard PUBG matches, eliminating more players will boost your scores and ranking positions. Here are a few PUBG tips for eliminating players more specifically for the mobile version. 

Welcome to PUBG MOBILE 0.7.0

1. Practice in War Mode

War Mode provides a good way to practice shooting in PUBG Mobile. That is a different play mode in which players jump into a small play area with the objective of racking up as may kills as they can within a certain time period. When they are shot down, players drop down onto the map again to continue playing up till the end. Thus, you’ll get many more chances to blast away at players in War Mode than standard play to practice quicker and sharper shooting. The most essential thing to practise is more precise shooting, and War Mode gives you plenty of ‘scope’ (LOL) to do exactly that. 

2. Aim for the Head

Players fall more quickly when taken out with headshots. You can take out players in one shot with a sniper rifle by executing them with headshots even when they have helmets. So, aim for the head when you’ve got a clear shot or when engaging hostiles from close quarters.

3. Take to the High Ground

PUBG’s maps include hills, canyons, and mountains for players to move up. Move up and along higher ground when you can. Then you’ll get better views of the surrounding terrain and will more likely spot unsuspecting players on lower ground. If you have a sniper rifle or other gun with extended scope, you can then target, shoot at, and maybe even kill the player on lower ground before he gets much of a chance to fire back. Players who hold the high ground usually have the advantage in firefights against players shooting from beneath them.

9 Tips for Eliminating More Players in PUBG Mobile

A hilltop on Erangel

There’s plenty of high ground to exploit on the Miramar map in the form of canyons. The Erangel and Sanhook maps also include numerous high hills. The Cave on Sanhook includes an open crater with cliffs from which you can shoot down at players within the archaeological site below. Players can climb up some of Mount Kreznic to enjoy splendid views on Vikendi!

4. Pick up Scopes for Your Guns

Scope is the most important accessory for guns in PUBG Mobile. The scope accessories enable you to zoom in on hostiles with gun targets for more precise shooting from longer distances. Therefore, it’s important players pick up scope accessories to extend the distances of their guns so they can shoot down hostiles from further away. Without any scope for assault rifles or submachine guns, players will be limited to close quarter firefights. So, pick up the longest scope accessories you find.

5. Enable the Quick Scope Switch Option

PUBG Mobile includes a Quick Scope Switch option that enables players to switch scopes for guns without rumaging through their bags. That can come in handy for eliminating hostiles as you can quickly change your guns’ scopes as required by pressing a scope button just under the map’s radar at the top right. To enable scope switch, tap the gear button on the game’s home screen, select the Scope tab, and then select Enable for the Quick Scope Switch setting.

9 Tips for Eliminating More Players in PUBG Mobile

The scope switch button

6. Close Doors Behind You

How can closing doors possibly eliminate players? Well, players will usually assume that a building is unoccupied when its doors are closed. If doors are open, however, players might enter somewhat more cautiously through windows. Thus, by closing doors behind you, you can catch players by surprise when they enter buildings.

To further enhance the element of surprise, place yourself in a good shooting position within a building (targeting staircases and room entrances) when a hostile approaches it. Then keep entirely still when the hostile enters the building you’re in. The player probably won’t realize you’re in the building. Then you can blast away the unsuspecting hostile when he/she moves into your line of fire.

9 Tips for Eliminating More Players in PUBG Mobile

A closed door

7. Pick up the AWM Sniper Rifle

The AWM sniper rifle is the highest damage and longest-range gun in PUBG. So, this is the gun of choice for snipers who can take out hostiles swiftly from long distances with it. A couple of precise body shots will usually be enough to take a player out with an AWM. Thus, the AWM is one of the most sought after guns; but it isn’t easy to find. Players can only pick up AWMs from air-dropped crates.

8. Toss Grenades into Buildings

Guns aren’t the only thing you can eliminate hostiles with in PUBG. Grenades can come in handy for taking out players camped within buildings. Try tossing Frag Grenades or Molotov Cocktails through windows to kill off players in rooms. Even if the grenade doesn’t eliminate the hostile, it might still reduce the player’s energy. Furthermore, tossing a grenade into a room might force a player to come out into the open from where you can fire at the hostile. That’s especially likely if you toss a grenade into a small building or room.

9. Play PUBG Mobile on an Android Emulator

PUBG Mobile’s touchpad controls aren’t the best for precise aiming and shooting. However, players can still play PUBG Mobile with keyboard and mouse controls like its Windows counterpart. Try playing the game with an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks 4, that will give you more flexible controls. Then players can play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in BlueStacks with keyboards and mice for more precise aiming to rack up higher kill rates.

Introducing BlueStacks 4 - The Best Mobile Gaming Device

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Those are a few tips that will ensure higher kill rates in PUBG Mobile. With better kills rates, you’ll have more chance of winning PUBG matches.

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