8 Sniper Beginners Tips for PUBG Mobile

Shooting down other players from a far is one way you can rack up kills in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Check out this game guide’s sniper beginners tips for PUBG Mobile if you fancy being a sharp-shooting sniper in PUBG Mobile.

8 Sniper Tips for PUBG Mobile

A sniper in PUBG is any player who tries to eliminate hostiles with the game’s sniper riles (or longer-range guns). Those are players who position themselves at elevated landscapes and wait for unsuspecting hostiles to come into view. Sniping is an art in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that can take a bit of practise. However, effective sniping can pay off with a good number of kills during matches. Here are some sniper tips for beginners in PUBG Mobile.

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1. Play on the Miramar Map

Miramar is a desert wasteland filled with mountains and canyons. Therefore, Miramar is the most ideal map for sniping. It includes some really high mountainous landscapes you can move up that provide great viewpoints. Furthermore, the map’s barren landscapes have scant cover and camouflage for targeted players.

2. Play Sniper Training Mode

PUBG Mobile includes a Sniper Training mode that’s ideal for honing your sniping. It’s a game mode which is a scaled-down battle royale match played within a smaller area of Erangel. It only includes sniper guns and pistols for players to play with, so this game mode enables you to try out all the various sniper guns in PUBG, which are much easier to find.

Sniper Training mode

Sniper Training mode

3. Reduce Camera Sensitivity for Scope

Sometimes snipers need to adjust their aiming by very slight margins. Reduce the camera sensitivity for the maximum 6x and 8x scopes to about 10 percent. Doing so will ensure that you can aim more precisely with those scopes with very slight movement adjustments. If your camera sensitivity settings are too high, your scope will swing wildly when aiming.

To adjust camera sensitivity for scope, tap the Settings button on PUBG Mobile’s homescreen. Then select Sensitivity on the right. Reduce the 6x and 8x scope settings to about eight or nine percent. As a general rule of thumb, the lower scopes, such as the 2x, should have higher camera sensitivity values than the maximum scopes.

Camera sensitivity options

Camera sensitivity options

4. Pick up the AWM (when you can)

The AWM is the best sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile that you can pick up from air-dropped crates. With it, you can pull off one-shot headshot kills on players with level-three helmets. Make sure you pick up the AWM and some ammo for whenever you get a chance to do so.

However, you probably won’t be able to find the AWM often. Beyond air-dropped crates, the M24 and the Kar98 are two of the more preferable guns for sniping. The M24 is the best sniper rifle outside of crates, as that has a really high base damage and very good range. The Kar98K can also be a good choice for sniping, as that has less recoil than the AWM and M24.

The Kar98K

The Kar98K

If you can’t find a sniper rifle at all, you can still do mid-range sniping with some assault rifles. You can attach a 6x scope to the AKM, which has high base damage for an assault rifle. The AKM is pretty easy to find and worth carrying as a secondary gun even when you have a sniper rifle.

5. Pick up Ghillie Suits

Ghillie Suits are camouflaged clothing designed to blend in with natural landscapes. For example, the desert Ghillie Suit is light brown to blend in with arid landscapes. Thus, those are great for camouflaging snipers, so pick up Ghille Suites from crates when you can.

You can pick up Ghillie Suits more often by firing the red Flare Gun. When you fire a Flare Gun, a plane will fly over to drop you a blue crate. Blue crates usually include Ghillie Suites. You might even find AWMs in some of them!

A player with Ghillie Suit

A player with Ghillie Suit

6. Find a sniping spot somewhere within the safe zone

Try to find a good sniping spot that’s some way within the safe zone. If you stop at a spot that’s just on the borders of the safe zone, or even outside it, you won’t get to stay there very long. The shrinking safe zone will force you to move after a few minutes. So, head for a sniping spot closer to the center of the safe zone, where you’ll get more time to wait for players to enter your view.

7. Attach compensators to sniper guns

Aside from gun scopes, compensators are another important attachment for sniper rifles. Those attachments enhance the stability and accuracy of the guns for sniping. Make sure you pick up and attach the Sniper Rifle Compensator to your guns. You can also attach Assault Rifle Compensators to auto sniper rifles, such as the SLR, SKS, and Mk14.

The AKM's compensator attachment

The AKM’s compensator attachment

8. Play PUBG Mobile on an Android emulator

Keyboard and mouse controls are a bit better for precise sniper aiming. To play PUBG Mobile with keyboard and mouse, add an Android game emulator to Windows PC. The BlueStacks emulator will provide you with a fully customizable keyboard control scheme to play PUBG Mobile with. Click Download BlueStacks on that emulator’s website to get the setup wizard for it.

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Those sniper beginners tips for PUBG Mobile will boost your sniping, and with that, your ranking position. Now it’s time to pick up your sniper rifle and go to battle!

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