6 of the Best PUBG Guns

Players can pick up guns, guns, and more guns in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds! However, what are the best guns to pick up in PUBG? This article includes some of the best PUBG guns to add to your arsenal so that you can be the best in every match.

6 of the Best PUBG Guns

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the best ever third and first-person shooters that has taken console, mobile, and Windows gaming by storm. It is a battle royale extravaganza, in which up to 100 players battle it out on a map until there’s one team or player left. Players can add the freemium PUBG app to their mobile devices from Google Play and the Apple App Store. As such, people are always on the lookout for PUBG‘s best guns, and we have them.

Guns are what PUBG is largely about, and picking up the best firearms in the game will undoubtedly enhance your kill rates. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is full of guns that come in various shapes and sizes, such as pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, DMRs, and light machine guns.

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1. AKM

The AKM is a heavy duty and versatile assault rifle. This gun is one of the best to pick up, primarily because it has the highest base damage of guns within the assault range category, along with the air-dropped Groza. Thus, it can take down enemies quickly with headshots. As an assault rifle, the AKM is one of the most flexible guns in PUBG that’s effective for both short and longer-range combat with a range that outmatches all submachine guns. Plus, it’s not especially hard to find this firearm.

2. Groza

The Groza is the best of the assault rifles and one the best PUBG guns generally, but you’ll only find it in air-dropped crates. It matches the AKM’s base damage, but has a better fire rate than that gun (and all other ARs for that matter). Its fire rate even outmatches some of the submachine guns. Groza’s impressive fire rate and base damage is a killer combination. Furthermore, this AR has a decent enough range for players to take out hostiles at some distance.

6 of the Best Guns in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The Groza assualt rifle

3. UMP9

Moving on to the submachine gun category, we have the UMP9. Although this doesn’t have the best fire rate for a submachine gun, it beats most SMGs when it comes to base damage. Thus, it’s a good submachine gun to have for close quarter firing. This is also the submachine gun with the best range, which makes it the best SMG for shooting from distance. Furthermore, there are a slew of accessories for the UMP9 that enhance its flexibility.

4. Tommy Gun

The Tommy (Thompson) Gun is another submachine gun that’s great in close quarters. It’s more effective than other SMGs, as it has the highest base damage of guns within that category. Like all SMGs, it has a good fire rate, albeit not on par with the Vector or UZI in that respect. This gun also has the largest magazine capacity, which means it can fire off the most ammunition without reloading. It can’t match the range of assault rifles, however, which makes the likes of the AKM better alternatives.

6 of the Best Guns in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The Thompson submachine gun

5. AWM

The AWM is a killer sniper rifle and the gun with the highest base damage in PUBG. It only takes a few shots to take players down with the AWM, and it’s devastating for headshots. This is also the gun with the best range that enables players to shoot down hostiles from considerable distances with 8x scope. Note, however, that this gun can only be picked up from crates.

6. M249

The M249 is another special gun, which is precisely why you can only find it in crates. This is a unique breed of light machine gun with a very quick fire rate and big 100 magazine capacity. That, combined with its higher base damage, makes this firearm devastating at closer distances. This gun can even blow up vehicles pretty sharpish. Furthermore, the M249 has a great range for a machine gun that makes it handy for longer distance fire.

6 of the Best Guns in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The M249 light machine gun

Those are six of the best PUBG guns to look out for on the game’s maps. The AWM is the most devastating from distance, but requires precise sniper fire. Assault rifles, such as the Groza and AKM, are generally the most reliable firearms as they can be effective for eliminating players from both shorter and longer ranges. The M249 is a light machine gun that’s kinda like a supercharged assault rifle. If you can’t find those guns, however, the Tommy and UMP9 are worth swapping most of the game’s firearms for.

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