PUBG Metal Rain Event Mode Returns

PUBG Corp have announced that they will be brining back one of the game's most popular game modes - Metal Rain. The game mode allows players to find flare guns, and shoot them in order to obtain different weapons and equipment, or a armoured UAZ, which players can blitz around the map on.

PUBG Metal Rain Event Mode Returns
Flare guns will appear alongside normal loot, with the mode being playable on the Erangel map only. In addition, other players will be notified once another shot has been fired (a new addition to the mode). If a flare is shot outside the safe zone then the armored UAZ will appear, but ones shot inside the safe zone will see a special care package.

Metal Rain will be playable on July 19th at 10PM ET until July 22nd at 10PM ET. Moreover, please be sure to check out our guide to the Sanhok map or our coverage of the E3 tease for PUBG's fourth map, which is due for a winter release. 

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