PUBG Close To One Million Concurrent Players

With a new map in the works, over six million copies sold, and a game beating its main rival in all key areas, it is clearly obvious that BlueHole's PlayerUnknownsBattlegrounds is a budding success. Now as the game continues to push the boundaries, the game is very close to having over one million concurrent players!

PUBG is close to hitting one million concurrent players
Overall Dota 2 is the most played game on Steam averaging a peak of around 800,000 players daily. In addition, the highest played FPS (first person shooter) is CS:GO peaking at an average of 500,000 – which is no surprise due to it still being one the most sold games on Steam.

But just a few days ago, the newcomer PUBG, which published by Bluehole Studios under the guidance of PlayerUnknown himself Brendan Greene, reached a staggering 970,000 concurrent players – making it just 30,000 shy of 1,000,000 concurrent players! Therefore meaning it should only be days before PUBG starts to reach peaks of over 1,000,000 – which would be a huge milestone for the extremely popular battle royale styled game – which is still selling thousands upon thousands of copies on Steam.

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