PUBG Sells 30 Million Copies But Player Count Down

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or, PUBG), the surprising hit of 2017, has sold over 30 million copies on the PC according to SteamSpy, which tracks public data to extrapolate sales and ownership information for Steam games.

PUBG Sells 30 Million Copies But Player Count Down
But, despite the high sales, the concurrent player count for PUBG seems to be sharply decreasing. According to SteamDB, PUBG reached its peak in mid-January, with 3,257,248 players. However, recent figures have shown that the game is only reaching the likes of two million concurrent players. 

But what has caused this decrease? Well, it is clear that media attention has slightly drifted away from the game, and YouTubers such as the Yogscast and PewDiePie are placing less PUBG-related content on their sites. In addition, the amount of cheating that takes place in the game, is astounding, with a player being banned around ever 2.56 seconds! However, the drop in players may just be solely down to players getting tired of the game. Although the game is very fun to play, PUBG may have well had its day. 

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