PUBG Shows Off Intricate Training Mode

In a recent announcement, PUBG Corp have showcased a new training mode that will be coming to PC next month. The upcoming mode seems somewhat similar to Fortnite's Playground Mode, thereby promoting a degree of irony as not long ago Brendan Greene (PlayerUnknown himself) was criticising titles such as Fortnite for copying PUBG.

PUBG Shows Off Intricate Training Mode
Despite this, PUBG’s Training Mode (as it is officially known) offers players an objective-free 2x2km map, where they can properly get to grips with the game’s mechanics and improve their overall gameplay. The mode can hold between five to twenty players at one time and boasts it’s own idiosyncratic map, which includes a race track, areas to ameliorate combat skills, a parkour arena, and targets to practice parachute landings.

Furthermore, the new map comes a part of the Fix PUBG crusade that looks upon fixing concerns within the game’s community. In a recent Steam blog post, PUBG Corp explained the reasons for a training map with it being designed to help newcomers and offer casual players a place to "have fun experimenting in our expansive playground environment”. In the post, the the developers of the popular title break down the mode in stupendous depth offering fans a deep insight into what can be expected.

PUBG Shows Off Intricate Training Mode - Players can improve their driving skills on the new mode
The mode is still under development and is expected to launch at some point in September. With that, if you would like to see a guide on how to improve your gameplay on Sanhok (mini-battle royale map), then check out our guide.

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