7 PUBG Mobile Tips for Squad Matches

This game guide includes some handy PUBG Mobile tips for squad matches. Does the chicken dinner elude you in your PlayerUnknown’s Battleground squad matches? If so, check out the tips below for playing better team matches in PUBG Mobile.

7 PUBG Mobile Tips for Squad Matches

Battle royale squad matches in PUBG Mobile include teams of four players. Those PUBG Mobile team matches are a slightly different ballgame to solo mode. Big battles between squads of four and three players can often arise in and around named locations during team matches. Thus, squad matches can be more frantic affairs than solo ones. These PUBG Mobile tips for squad matches will enhance your survival chances in team matches.

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1. Ping items for teammates

PUBG Mobile does have a ping system like Fortnite. That ping system enables players to highlight item locations for their teammates. If you ever see a level three armor or helmet you don’t need or a medical kit a teammate might need, ping those items to highlight their locations.

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To ping an item in PUBG Mobile, you’ll need to move your crosshair target over it. Then press the round Quick Chat button on the right. Select the “I have…” chat line to mark the location of the item you’ve targeted for your teammates.

The Quick Chat menu

The Quick Chat menu

2. Utilize in-game voice commands

Entering voice commands in PUBG Mobile with mobile devices’ touchpad keyboards can be a slow affair. In the heat of the action, players simply can’t afford to slowly manually enter voice commands to chat with teammates. Therefore, it’s best to make use of various in-game messages players can select to quickly communicate with teammates. These are some of the best voice commands to utilize during PUBG Mobile squad matches:

  • “Fall back to safe zone!”
  • “Enemies ahead”
  • “Get in the car”
  • “Help!”
  • “Form up on me”

You can also add more in-game messages to PUBG Mobile’s Quick Chat feature. To do so, tap the Inventory button at the bottom of PUBG Mobile’s title screen. Then tap the messaging tab directly beneath the steering wheel button. Tap the microphone button shown directly below. Press the Change button, and drag new messages on the right to the left side to add them.

PUBG Mobile's message settings

PUBG Mobile’s message settings

3. Drop healing items for teammates who need them

After reviving teammates, sometimes they might not have sufficient healing items to fully restore their health. If you suspect a teammate needs some healing items, open up your bag and drop a few first aid kits, or other health restoration items, for him to pick up. You can utilize ping to highlight a dropped item’s location if required.

A medical item

A medical item

4. Mark enemies you spot

PUBG Mobile includes a location marker you can highlight locations with. That location marker can come in handy for showing your teammates where you’ve spotted a hostile. When you see an enemy in the distance, move your crosshair target over the hostile’s approximate position and tap the location marker. The location mark will highlight the approximate position of the enemy for your teammates.

The location marker

The location marker

5. Play PUBG Mobile on an Android emulator

Windows Android emulators enable you to play PUBG Mobile, and all the other best mobile games, on your PC. Most Android emulators will provide you with much more flexible PUBG Mobile control schemes. Furthermore, you can also utilize your PC’s full-size keyboard to chat with teammates instead of having to rely on one-hand mobile typing. Thus, playing with a keyboard will facilitate communication in PUBG Mobile.

BlueStacks 5 is one of the best game-orientated Android emulators. With that emulator, you can play PUBG Mobile at higher frame rates than on your tablet or phone. BlueStacks 5 also includes a handy Freelook feature, which is handy for players who play PUBG as a third-person shooter. To add BS 5 to your PC, click the Download BlueStacks 5 button on that emulator’s website.

BlueStacks 5 - Global release trailer

6. Stick With Teammates

Squad matches are all about teams, and you’ll usually survive longer when you stay close to at least one of your teammates. When you land a long way from your teammates at the beginning of a match, you’re more vulnerable to full-size enemy squads. None of your teammates will be near enough to revive you when you get into trouble. So, make sure you land near at least one of your teammates after dropping off the plane. Then try to stay reasonably close to your squad throughout a game so team support can be provided when required.

Furthermore, PUBG also adds support points to your squad match scores. You’ll get points for kill assists and revives. When you don’t stick with teammates, you’ll likely get a very low support score. Thus, it’s best to stick with teammates for scoring and ranking purposes as well.

A nearby teammate

A nearby teammate

7. Chuck smoke grenades when reviving teammates

Smoke grenades can come in handy during squad matches when you need to revive teammates out in the open. If you suspect there might be some hostiles who could attack you when reviving somebody, chuck a smoke grenade toward your knocked-down teammate. The smoke will provide a cloud of camouflage from enemy fire when you’re reviving a teammate. Then you might be able to revive the player without getting shot at.

The above PUBG Mobile tips for squad matches will give you a better chance of scooping the chicken dinner. Of course, much also depends on your teammates in squad matches. However, squads have got to play as teams to win matches.

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