6 of the Best Mech Cards in Hearthstone

Mechs are the robots of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Are you playing a Mech deck? If so, check out this crafting guide that tells you about some of the best Mech cards in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft; you won't regret it a bit!

6 of the Best Mech Cards in Hearthstone

Hearthstone’s Mech cards add mechanical minions to the battlefield. Those minions are robots players can combine with Magnetic Mechs. The Magnetic effect is a big synergy that enables players to build up really strong mechanized minions on the board. So, quite a few Hearthstone players play with Mech-oriented decks based on Magnetic minions. These are some of the best Mech cards in Hearthstone for mechanized decks.

1. Zilliax

Zilliax is one of the most widely played cards in Hearthstone. This five-mana legendary minion’s lousy stat value is more than made up for by the five effects it incorporates. It’s a Taunt, Magnetic, Divine Shield, Lifesteal, and Rush minion wrapped into one. So, this card will regenerate health, can attack a minion on the turn you play it, and is immune for its first attack. Those effects have got to count for at least three mana.

6 of the Best Mech Cards in Hearthstone


Zilliax comes into its own when magnetized with other Mechs as players can merge its various effects into another minion to boost its stats. For example, magnetizing it with Wargear will give you an 8/7 minion with Divine Shield, Lifesteal, Taunt, and Rush! So, this is a must-have card for all Mech decks, and it’s still good in non-Mech decks.

2. Glow-Tron

Glow-Tron is a one-mana Mech exclusively for Paladin decks. The primary appeal of this minion is its stat value. Glow-Tron has one attack and three health, which are great stats for a one-mana drop. This is also a Magnetic mech that’s easy to magnetize with other Mechs. When you play the likes of Galvanizer or Mechwarper, you can play Glow-Tron for zero mana, which is super value. Therefore, Glow-Tron is widely included in Paladin Mech decks.

6 of the Best Mech Cards in Hearthstone


3. Omega Devastator

Omega Devastator is my favorite Mech. It’s an epic four-mana minion for Warrior-class decks. With 4/5 attack and health values, Devastator has decent stat value. The great thing about Devastator, however, is its late game Battlecry effect that inflicts 10 damage on a selected minion when you’ve 10 Mana Crystals. That Battlecry effectively doubles the mana value of this card when you play it from turn 10 onward. As that’s a late game effect, Devastator is best for Control Warrior decks.

6 of the Best Mech Cards in Hearthstone

Omega Devastator

4. SN1P-SN4P

The legendary SN1P-SN4P card adds one of Hearthstone’s most versatile minions to the board. It is a three-mana 2/3 minion with a Deathrattle that adds a couple of 1/1 Microbots to the battlefield. This card is really versatile as it comes with Echo and Magnetize effects that enable you to play the minion three times with nine mana. Then you can merge it together three times to form a 6/9 minion or magnetize other Mechs with it. Thus, SN1P-SN4P’s versatility and overall stat value make it one of the best Mech cards in Hearthstone.

6 of the Best Mech Cards in Hearthstone


5. Micro Mummy

The Micro Mummy Mech is an epic two-mana minion for Paladin decks with one and two attack and health values. That might not sound very good, but this card’s Reborn effect, which revives the minion, effectively gives it extra 1/1 stats. The primary appeal of Micro Mummy, however, lies with its recurring buff effect that gives one of your other minions in play +1 attack at the end of each of your turns. Thus, this card is certainly a good one for buffing lower mana minions in zoo or aggro decks.

Micro Mummy

Micro Mummy

6. Eternium Rover

Eternium Rover is a great Warrior card that fits into various deck types. This is a one-mana Mech minion with one attack and three health values. So, its stats are the same as the aforementioned Glow-Tron.

Eternium Rover

Eternium Rover

However, this card is even better than Glow-Tron, as it will give your hero two armor when it takes damage. Therefore, it can give your hero up to six armor on its own. Eternium Rover doesn’t have its own magnetize effect, but you can still merge Magnetic minions with it to boost its health to get even more armor from it. So, it’s widely played in various Warrior deck types.

Those are a few of the best Mech cards in Hearthstone that will give your mechanized deck some cutting edge. Some of them have rotated out of Standard along with the rest of the Boomsday Project cards. However, you can always play those Mechs in Wild. In addition to those, Venomizer, Dragonbane, Mulchmuncher, and Tomb Warden are some of the other Mech minions worth noting.

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