6 of the Best Epic Cards in Hearthstone

Some epic cards are among the best cards in Hearthstone. There are 340 epic cards in Hearthstone. The article list below includes six of the best epic cards.

6 of the Best Epic Cards in Hearthstone
Epic is the second rarest card category in Hearthstone. The best epic cards are core components of some of the game’s meta-defining decks. Epic cards also offer better value than legendaries as players can craft them for 400 Arcane Dust compared with the 1,600 outlay required for one legendary minion or spell. Four of the best epic cards might strengthen your decks more than one great legendary addition. These are six great epic cards in Hearthstone.


Doomsayer ranks among the best hard removal (destroyer) cards in Hearthstone. The card amounts to a 0/7 two-mana minion that destroys all minions on the battlefield at the start of your next turn (after playing Doomsayer). Therefore, this is a two-mana card that can potentially destroy up to seven enemy minions on the board, which is something special. This is an ideal card to play when your opponent has four more minions on the battlefield than you do.

6 of the Best Epic Cards in Hearthston. Doomsayer
The potential drawback of this card is that it will have no impact if your opponent can knock its minion off the battlefield the turn after you play it. Players might need to find a way to cover the Doomsayer minion with spells or Taunt minions. Doomsayer can be most effective in Mage decks that include Frost Nova spells that a player can freeze all his opponent’s minions for one turn with.

Vilespine Slayer

The Rogue-class deck has a decent set of removal cards up its sleeve. They don’t get much better than Vilespine Slayer. Vilespine Slayer is a 3/4 minion you can play for five mana. The minion’s stats aren’t great, but Slayer will also destroy a selected minion on the battlefield so long as you play another card before it on the same turn. Therefore, this card is comparable to Assassinate; but it also adds a bonus minion to the board.

6 of the Best Epic Cards in Hearthstone. Vilespine Slayer

Carnivorous Cube

Carnivorous Cube is a is a neutral minion card with four and six attack and health values, which are solid stats for a five-mana card. When you play it, you can select to destroy a friendly minion on the board, which the Cube will summon two copies of when wiped out. Thus, the card’s Deathrattle effectively doubles a selected minion on the board. Another good thing about this card is that it triggers a Deathrattle when you destroy a friendly minion with that effect. As a result, Carnivorous Cube effectively triples Deathrattle effects.

6 of the Best Epic Cards in Hearthstone. Carnivorous Cube
Hunter-class players can play Carnivorous Cube in combination with the one-mana Play Dead spell. Play Dead will immediately trigger the Cube’s Deathrattle effect so that it summons two minions on the turn played. Then Carnivorous Cube will summon two more copies of the destroyed minion when it’s wiped off the board to give you a total of four. Consequently, the Cube will summon three additional minion copies when played with Play Dead. Furthermore, you can also combine it with two Play Dead cards, which will summon a total of five additional minions alongside the sixth destroyed one!

Sea Giant

Sea Giant is a neutral card that adds an 8/8 minion to the battlefield. The beauty of this card is that its mana cost varies depending on the total number of minions on the board. Although it’s nominally a 10-mana card, you can play Sea Giant for much less than that as there are usually at least a few minions on the battlefield. The actual value of Sea Giant probably amounts to about seven mana, and you only need four minions on the board (out of a max total of 14) to play it for six. Consequently, players can often play this 8/8 minion for six or less mana.

6 of the Best Epic Cards in Hearthstone. Sea Giant
Sea Giant is a great addition to decks that include cards which add multiple minions to the board. For example, players can play Sea Giant in combination with the Hunter-class Unleash the Hounds spell, which summons multiple 1/1 Charge minions to match the same number of minions your opponent has in play. Unleash the Hounds will add four minions to the board for three mana when your opponent has four in play. Then, with a total of eight minions on the board, you could play Sea Giant for just two mana! Players can play Sea Giant for zero mana in combination with Unleash the Hounds when there are five enemy minions on the battlefield.

Twisting Nether

Twisting Nether is an ideal get out of jail card for clearing the board. This Warlock-class card is similar to Doomsday as it destroys everything on the battlefield. However, the difference is that Nether is an eight-mana spell guaranteed to wipe the board clean without the need to keep any minion in play. In that respect, Twisting Neither might be a slightly better card than Doomsday, albeit one that amounts to eight mana. This is a great card to have up your sleeve when you’re outmatched on the battlefield. Twisting Nether will always level up the playing field when you need to.

6 of the Best Epic Cards in Hearthstone. Twisting Nether

Ultimate Infestation

Ultimate Infestation is a Druid-class spell that provides ultimate value. This 10-mana card draws five cards, adds a 5/5 minion to the board, deals five damage, and gives your hero five armor! The card is well worth playing for its five draw and 5/5 minion alone. To put Ultimate Infestation’s value into context, players can draw five cards for 10 mana across five turns with Guldan’s Life Tap, which will also reduce the hero’s health by 10. With five additional armor and damage thrown in for good measure, Ultimate Infestation is among the best value cards in Hearthstone.

6 of the Best Epic Cards in Hearthstone. Ultimate Infestation
Those are six epic Hearthstone cards to give top crafting priority. It might be worth disenchanting a few redundant legendaries to add some of those epics to your decks.

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