Activision Blizzard’s stock takes mild fall following Pro Player ban

Sometimes controversial decisions cause major consequences. Activision Blizzard stock falls in what seems to be a direct response from the community after they banned a Hong Kong player due to a repeated political statement.
Blizzard Stock Fall


Following yesterday’s events, in which Blizzard banned, citing a violation of competition rules, a Hearthstone player called Ng Wai Chung, otherwise known as “Blitzchung”, for repeating the slogan protest “Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our times” during a post-game interview that was being broadcasted live, the stock value of Activision Blizzard has started to fall, as the company is under fire from the international gaming community.

Blitzchung banned from Hearthsone Grandmaster

Hearthstone player known as “Blitzchung” banned from competition.

As of 10th October, 16:20 PST, the Activision Blizzard‘s stock has fallen a mere 2.01%, which seems to be caused by the outrage sparked by the ban. This small fall comes after Blizzard had already lost over 35% in stock value since June 2018.

This stock drop is not the only reaction underway against Activision Blizzard, as many people on social media have started to ask for a boycott of the company’s games and IP, going as far as having a former developer of World of Warcraft, Mark Kern, to openly criticize Blizzard‘s decision.

Along with this mild stock fall, some users have also been reportedly having issues deleting their Blizzard accounts.