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6 of the Best Warrior-Class Cards in Hearthstone

The Warrior class in Hearthstone boasts some great cards for control style decks. Are you looking for some new Hearthstone cards for your Warrior deck? If so, this is the page for you! Below are a few...

Blizzard collage

Everything you need to know about the Blizzard Scandal

Are you finally sitting down and still wondering what this whole Blizzard Scandal is? Worry not, we bring you a complete what-to-know up to this point about Blizzard and why is on everyone's crosshair...

Blizzard censoring Battletags

Blizzard Battletags can’t contain the words Hong Kong anymore

Some Blizzard users were trying to create new BattleTags with the words "Hong Kong" in them, only to be denied citing a violation of naming policies on Blizzard's side. Blizzard users have started to ...

Blitzchung banned from Hearthsone Grandmaster

Blitzchung banned by Blizzard over political statement

Blitzchung banned by Blizzard after expressing support for Hong Kong protests, sparking outrage and backlash. In addition to being banned, he was also stripped from earnings and disqualified from the ...

Blizzard users unable to delete accounts.

Blizzard users are reportedly having problems deleting their accounts

Have you ever been at a bar, gotten upset and then when tried to leave, been told you can't? Blizzard users have been trying to delete their accounts following the ban of Blitzchung, only to encounter...

Blizzard Stock Fall

Activision Blizzard’s stock takes mild fall following Pro Player ban

Sometimes controversial decisions cause major consequences. Activision Blizzard stock falls in what seems to be a direct response from the community after they banned a Hong Kong player due to a repea...

6 of the Best Warlock Cards in Hearthstone

Are you looking for some of the best Warlock-class cards? Warlock players can beef up their decks with plenty of Demon cards and some great legendaries. The article list below includes a few of the be...

Hearthstone Pro Makes Huge Mistake During GM Match

Hearthstone Grandmaster Linh “Seiko” Nguyen was dealt a loss in his Grandmasters League Match. The reason? He had been playing a qualifier for an Auto Chess game. In the battle between Hearthstone Gra...

5 Different Deck Types Players Can Set Up in Hearthstone

There are a wide variety of deck types that players can play in Hearthstone. But which deck type should you go for to better achieve victory? The article list below includes five of the more widely pl...

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