6 of the Best Hearthstone Cards to Disenchant

Desenchanting cards is the quickest way to get more Arcane Dust in Hearthstone. But what cards should you desenchant? The article list below includes some of the best Hearthstone cards to dispose off.

6 of the Best Hearthstone Cards to Disenchant
Hearthstone players can disenchant cards so that they can enchant better ones to strengthen their decks more quickly. However, it’s not always that easy for players to decide what cards to get rid off. To craft legendaries, players will need to disenchant some legendary and epic cards to raise the required Arcane Dust.

Yet, there are quite a few bad cards in Hearthstone that certainly aren’t worth holding on to and including in decks. Bad legendaries are epic cards are the first cards that players really need to look for when disenchanting. These are six Hearthstone cards that players should disenchant without hesitation.

GurUbashi Chicken

The Gurabashi Chicken is among the worst minions in Hearthstone. It is a one-mana 1/1 Beast card that won’t last long on the board. The card has a +5 attack Overkill effect, which means that players have to wipe a minion off the board with the chicken to boost its attack.

6 of the Best Hearthstone Cards to Desenchant. Gurubashi Chicken
However, to have any real chance of doing that, and keeping Gurabashi Chicken in play, players need to have a way to buff the minion's attack and health values up by two. Even then, you’ll still need a lot of luck to activate this card’s Overkill bonus. You’ll only get five Arcane Dust for disenchanting Gurabashi, but it’s certainly not worth keeping hold of.

Cursed Blade

The one-mana Cursed Blade weapon card offers a two attack for three turns. That doesn’t sound bad at all for a one-mana blade, except for the fact that this card also doubles all damage dealt to your hero for at least three turns as well! That’s a severe drawback which makes this card pretty much unplayable. Cursed Blade is also a rare card that you can disenchant for 20 Arcane Dust, which is a very good return for a lousy weapon.

6 of the Best Hearthstone Cards to Disenchant. Cursed Blade

Angry Chicken

Angry Chicken is one of the biggest card jokes of them all. That’s probably why Angry Chicken is indeed an angry chicken. It is a puny 1/1 minion card that gets a +5 attack bonus when damaged. Thus, the drawback is obvious enough as it doesn’t take much to wipe this chicken off the board! Players need to buff this card up when they play it to have any chance of getting the attack bonus.

Bad though this card is, there is still one way to get value from it. As Angry Chicken is a Beast, you can give it a +3/+3 buff with the Hunter-class Dire Frenzy spell to turn it into a 4/4 mana on turn five. Maybe then you would have a reasonable chance of getting that bonus, which would give the chicken a nine attack value when added to four.

However, you can buff much better Beast minions than Angry Chicken with Dire Frenzy. In anything other than a Hunter-class deck, Angry Chicken isn’t worth the time of day. So go ahead and disenchant it for 20 Arcane Dust.

6 of the Best Hearthstone Cards to Disenchant. Angry Chicken

Majordomo Executus

Majordomo Executus is a legendary card that should be near the top of the disenchant list if it’s within your collection. For starters, the card’s nine and seven attack and health stats aren’t particularly great for a nine-mana minion. There are plenty of eight-mana minion cards with comparable stats.

However, the big drawback of Majordomo is that it replaces your hero with a Ragnoras alternative that has just eight health. Thus, this card is only really worth playing when your hero has seven or less health left. Ragnoras’ Die, Insect hero power inflicts eight damage on random enemies, which does give it some value. Yet, that is still an inaccurate hero power that your opponent can counter by adding lots of cheap minions to the board before finishing Ragnoras off.

6 of the Best Hearthstone Cards to Disenchant. Majordomo Executus


Acidmaw is a Hunter-class legendary you can play for seven mana. However, don’t ever play this card! The card’s 4/2 attack and health values are awful for a seven-mana minion.

Acidmaw’s awful stats, however, aren’t the big issue with this card. The card destroys ANY minion that takes some damage on the board. That effect applies to both your own and your opponent’s minions. That means your opponent could wipe out all the minions you have on the board by playing an Area of effect card when Acidmaw is in play. Therefore, the 400 Arcane Dust you’ll get for disenchanting Acidmaw is undoubtedly the best thing about this card.

6 of the Best Hearthstone Cards to Disenchant. Acidmaw

Millhouse Manastorm

Millhouse Manastorm is a two-mana legendary card with 4/4 attack and health values. Ok, those are great stats for a two-mana minion! This minion’s attack and health values might be enough to entice some players to add it to their decks.

The bummer is that Millhouse Manastorm’s Battlecry effect reduces the mana cost of all the spells in your opponent’s hand to zero the turn after you play him. Your opponent can play all the spell cards he has at his disposal (if he has any) for one turn. If your opponent happens to have some big spells in his hand, he can wreak havoc with them. Consequently, Millhouse is a very risky card to play that can potentially lose matches in the worst case scenarios.

6 of the Best Hearthstone Cards to Disenchant. Millhouse Manastorm
So, are any of those cards in your Hearthstone collection? If so, disenchant those cards ASAP. The combined Arcane Dust value of those cards amounts to 1,245, which would be enough to craft three great epic cards with.

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