Hearthstone – Top Goblins vs Gnomes cards

Hearthstone - Top Goblins vs Gnomes cards.

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Brian Kibler from IGN wrote a summary about the top cards from the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion. So which are the most powerful cards?

Piloted Shredders

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You never know who will appear on the board and that is even more fun.


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Imp-losion works well with Knife Juggler and for example player XiXo used a deck built around these cards to reach #1 Legend rank on NA, EU and Asia servers.

Muster for Battle

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Paladins are these days again more played and Muster for Battle gives them a strong proactive stance early in the game.


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This card is more than useful for Control Warrior decks. It gives you enough time to be able to unleash terror to your enemy with your Legendary minions.

Dr. Boom

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"Dr. Boom has been turning up in decks of pretty much every class at all levels of play – if you’re looking for a single Legendary card from the new set to craft, this is the one to make," Brian says.


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This card is a game changer for all Mech-focused decks. And if you play more Mechwarpers in one turn the effect is cumulative. It means that you can create hell for your enemy easily in fourth turn.

To read the whole analysis with more details click on the link below.

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