7 Great Hearthstone Card Combos

Hearthstone card combos give decks some cutting edge. Are you looking for some great card combos for that game? The article below includes several great Hearthstone card combinations.

7 Great Hearthstone Card Combos
Hearthstone is a turn-based card game that includes thousands of cards. Players can combine those cards in many ways. A Hearthstone card combo is a combination of two, or more, cards played within a single turn that will usually ensure a player can inflict greater damage on his opponent (but can also serve another purpose). Thus, devastating card combos can decisively tip the balance of matches in your favor. These are seven great card combinations to add to Hearthstone decks.


This is a card combination for Priest. You’ll need to include the Auchenai Soulpriest and Circle of Healing cards in your deck to play this one. Play the Auchenai Soulpriest card first and then Circle of Healing during a turn, which collectively cost just four mana. So you might also have some mana left over to play another card during the same turn.

The card combo wipes four health points from ALL minions on the board (including your own) when played. Thus, it's an effective combo for wiping minions off the board. As it can also kill off your own minions, it’s best to play this combo when you don’t have any minions on the board.


This is a great card combo that you can play with two of Paladin’s spell cards. The combo consists of the Equality card, which reduces all minions’ health values to one, and Consecration. Playing the Consecration card after Equality will meat out two damage to all enemy minions in play. Thus, this card combo will effectively wipe all your opponent’s minions off the board.

The only downside is that this combo will also reduce the health of your own minions in play. Thus, it’s better to play this combo when your opponent has more minions in play than you do. As the combo costs six mana, you can also expand it with the Fungal Encounter card that will restore two health points for all your minions.


This combo combines one Wolfrider and two Bluegill Warrior Charge cards with Druid's Savage Roar to boost their combined attack values for one turn. Play the Blugill Warrior and Wolfrider cards first. Savage Roar will increase those minions’ attack values by two on the same turn that you play them.

The three minions become 4/1, 4/1 and 5/1 minions with a combined attack of 13 for one turn. Thus, this can be handy combo for finishing heroes off. If you prefer, you can also reduce the combo to one Bluegill Warrior card instead of two.


This is a handy Rogue card combo to have up your sleeve that can inflict 12 damage on your opponent’s hero. Play the Leeroy Jenkings card when your opponent has no Taunt minions on the board. As Jenkings is a Charge card, you can then immediately strike at your opponent’s hero to reduce its health by six.

However, Jenkings also summons two Whelps for your opponent that he can kill off Leeroy with during his turn. So  you’ll need to play Rogue’s Shadowstep card on the same turn to return Jenkings back to your hand. That will ensure you can then play Jenkings again the turn after to attack the hero for a second time (if your opponent doesn’t play a Taunt minion).


This is a great card combo to play when your opponent has lots of minions on the board. Unleash the Hounds is a Hunter card that summons one Hound with Charge for each enemy minion on the board. For example, the card will summon three Hound minions if your opponent has three minions in play. It can summon a maximum of seven Hounds if your opponent has that many minions in play.

Playing Unleash the Hounds can level the playing field considerably when your opponent has lots of minions in play and you don’t. It’s even more effective when combined with the Hunter’s Mark card that reduces a minion’s health value to one. You can play the Hunter’s Mark to reduce two of your opponent’s strongest minions on the board to one health point. Then play Unleash the Hounds to summon the Hounds that can finish off the two cards you targeted with Hunter’s Mark and attack other minions.

7 Great Hearthstone Card Combos. A Hound card summoned by Unleash the Hounds
This card combination only costs a combined total of five mana. So with an additional three mana, you can also throw a Raid Leader into the mix that will increase the Hounds' attack values to two. As such, Raid Leader will double the Hounds’ attack values.


This is another Unleash the Hounds combo that you can play with Hunter. Instead of playing the Hunter’s Mark cards, you can play the Stormwind Champion. That card will increase all the Hounds’ attack and health values by one each. Thus, the Hounds summoned will then have two attack and two health. So Stormwind Champion will give your Hounds a bigger boost than the Raid Leader, and that is also a strong 6/6 card in its own right.


Marin the Fox is a legendary card you can add to any deck. The great thing about Marin the Fox is the treasure it gives you. The card’s treasure chest will give you one of four of the best cards in the game! For example, the chest’s Golden Kobold card replaces all the cards in your hand with legendary alternatives. However, players must first crack open the treasure chest minion Fox adds to the board, which has an eight health value. Destroying a chest minion with eight health might take at least a couple of turns irrespective of its zero attack value.

This Hunter card combo gives you a way to immediately open the treasure chest on the same turn you play Marin the Fox. After playing the Fox, play the Hunter’s Mark card. Then you can reduce the treasure chest’s health to one with that card. Then play the Stonetusk Boar that you can immediately attack the chest with to crack it open! Thereafter, you can play one of the chest's golden cards on your next turn. Note that you’ll need the maximum 10 mana to play this combo on the same turn.

7 Great Hearthstone Card Combos. Marin the Fox
Those are just a few of the great Hearthstone card combos. Of course, there are many more potential card combinations that can devastate opponents! Check out this Keen Gamer post for some more Hearthstone tips. 


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    Yes, you are right that the combo can’t be played with Charge minions anymore. The article has been edited accordingly.

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