7 of the Best Basic Cards in Hearthstone

Get yourself some of the best basic cards in Hearthstone that you don't need to craft with our handy guide. You don't need to craft the best legendaries to get some great cards for your Hearthstone decks. In fact, you don't need any Arcane Dust at all.

7 of the Best Basic Cards in Hearthstone

Basic cards are the bread and butter cards of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft that don’t rotate out of Standard. Players can obtain all basic cards by leveling all the hero-classes up to 10. Although the best Hearthstone cards generally fall within the legendary and epic categories, there are some great basic cards that are widely played by players in the top 10 of the game’s rankings. These are a few of the best basic cards in Hearthstone in terms of mana value.

1. Fireball

The Mage-class Fireball card is one of the game’s best damage spells. It is a four-mana spell that inflicts six damage on a selected target. The target can be either a minion or hero, which enhances Fireball’s flexibility. Therefore, this is a great finishing card to have up your sleeve. It’s all the more devastating when you have two copies that can inflict up to 12 damage on your opponent’s hero in a single turn to finish a game.

7 of the Best Basic Cards in Hearthstone


2. Voidwalker

Voidwalker is a one-mana minion for Warlock-class decks. This is a Taunt minion with 1/3 attack and health stats. It’s undoubtedly the best one-mana Taunt card in Hearthstone. It’s one of the best Taunt minions in the game in terms of stat value. As a Demon, this card can also be synergized in various ways in Warlock decks. So, Voidwalker is widely played in Warlock-class decks.

7 of the Best Basic Cards in Hearthstone


3. Hex

Hex is a four-mana Shaman spell that will turn a selected minion into a frog with 0/1 stats and Taunt. Thus, it can effectively ruin any fierce minion your opponent places on the battlefield. It’s not quite a hard removal card, but the frog it leaves behind is nothing more than a zero-mana Taunt minion that can be brushed off the board. Therefore, Hex is among the most cherished Shaman cards.

7 of the Best Basic Cards in Hearthstone


4. Savage Roar

Savage Roar is a three-mana Druid spell that gives all your minions on the board +2 attack for a single turn. It also gives your hero +2 attack for that turn. Thus, Savage Roar can provide players with a devastating attacking burst that can often inflict more than 20 damage with four or more minions on the battlefield. This card is especially devastating when combined with the Charge minion Leeroy Jenkins, which it buffs up to an eight attack. When you have some minions on the board and Jenkins in your hand, Savage Roar can be a match winner.

7 of the Best Basic Cards in Hearthstone

Savage Roar

5. Northshire Cleric

The Northshire Cleric is a one-mana minion card you can play in Priest decks. This card’s 1/3 stats are great for a one-mana drop. However, the best thing about Northshire Cleric is its card draw effect that’s triggered when a minion is healed. Thus, players can often get at least a one-card draw by healing another minion on the board (with Anduin’s Hero Power) on the same turn this card is played. Some players also buff Northshire Cleric’s health up with the likes of Power Word and Divine Spirit to ensure it stays on the board longer for even more card draw potential.

7 of the Best Basic Cards in Hearthstone

Northshire Cleric

6. Truesilver Champion

Truesilver Champion is a highly rated weapon card you can add to Paladin decks. This is a four-mana weapon with a four-attack value and two-turn durability. It restores two health for your hero when you attack with it. Thus, Truesilver is a great weapon for attacking minions with as it can eliminate lots of three and four-mana minions and restore two health to your hero in the process. This card can also come in handy for finishing off opponents when they have less than eight health as it can inflict eight damage over a couple of turns.

Truesilver Champion

Truesilver Champion

7. Animal Companion

Almost every Hunter player seems to love Animal Companion as it offers a lot of value and fits numerous deck types with the three minions it provides. This is a three-mana spell card for Hunter-class decks that randomly adds one of three Beast minions to the board. They take the form of a 4/2 Charge, 4/4 Taunt, or a 2/4 Beast that gives other friendly minions in play a +1 attack. All three minions Animal Companion summons are great value as they’re more like four-mana minions. As it adds a Beast minion to the board, this card also comes in handy for activating the various Hunter-class Beast synergies provided by the likes of Dire Frenzy, Houndmaster, etc.

Animal Companion

Animal Companion

Those are some the best basic cards you can add to your Hearthstone decks without needing any Arcane Dust. They’re fantastic cards for new players, but even players higher up the rankings keep on playing them. Shield Block, Swipe, Polymorph, and Backstab are a few other basic cards also worth noting.

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