Blizzard users are reportedly having problems deleting their accounts

Have you ever been at a bar, gotten upset and then when tried to leave, been told you can't? Blizzard users have been trying to delete their accounts following the ban of Blitzchung, only to encounter an error message preventing them from doing so.

Blizzard users unable to delete accounts.After Blizzard baned a pro-HearthStone player and people on social media started to push for a boycott on the company, some people starting reporting that they were getting errors when trying to delete their accounts.

These Blizzard user account problems started to surface as too many people where arguably trying to delete their accounts at the same time. As far as number goes, Blizzard used to have some estimates published, at least for World Of Warcraft until 2015, when it reported it had 7.1 million subscribers, which was roughly a 2.9 million drop since the previous quarter in late 2014.

With these estimations, even keeping in mind that those figures are over 4 years old, it’s not completely crazy to assume that too many people at once are effectively trying to delete their accounts at once, and the dedicated servers for this function might be overloaded.

Mark Kern, known developer of the original World Of Warcraft has also spoken against Blizzard‘s decision, and has been vocal on Twitter about this.

Having its users delete their accounts is not the only form of backlash Activision Blizzard has faced since yesterday, as their stock started to slowly fall following the ban of Blitzchung. If people keep running into these Blizzard user account problems, it might just be a matter of time before they are resolved.

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