7 of the Best Hunter-Class Cards in Hearthstone

There are some great hero-specific cards players can play with Rexxar. Do you need to beef up your Hunter-class deck in Hearthstone? Check out the list below that includes some of the best Hunter cards for Rexxar.

7 of the Best Hunter-Class Cards in Hearthstone
Rexxar is a Hunter-class hero in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft with plenty of Beast cards. Many of his exclusive hero-specific cards benefit from having Beasts on the board or in hands. As such, players often fill Hunter decks with Beast minions. So it’s not entirely surprising that a lot of Rexxar’s best cards fall within the Beast category (or are spell cards that synergize Beast minions).

However, the best Hunter cards are not necessarily just his strongest high mana cards. The best Hearthstone cards are those that provide the best value in relation to their mana. So many of Rexxar’s best cards are actually lower mana ones. These are some of the best Hunter-class cards to add to your deck.

Hunter’s Mark

The Hunter’s Mark is a one-mana card that reduces a minion’s health to one. Thus, Hunter’s Mark is almost like a destroyer card with which you can quickly wipe out an opponent’s minion. With the card, and something on the board to attack with, players can annihilate a selected minion with high attack and health values within a single turn. Hunter’s Mark is especially effective when combined with Rush or Charge cards, such as Unleash the Hounds, that add minions to the board with which you can attack the turn they enter play.

7 of the Best Hunter-Class Cards in Hearthstone. The Hunter's Mark card

Unleash the Hounds

Unleash the Hounds is a common card that can shift the balance of the board back in your favor when needed. The card summons 1/1 Hounds with Charge for every minion your opponent has on the board. So if your opponent has five minions in play, the card will summon five Hounds. The card can summon up to several Hounds for just three mana, which represents great value.

This is an invaluable card to have up your sleeve when your opponent has three or more minions in play. Several 1/1 Hounds can feasibly eliminate four or five low mana minions. You can wipe out the two strongest minions your opponent has in play in one turn when you combine Unleash the Hounds with a couple of Hunter’s Mark cards. In addition, Unleash the Hounds can be a great combination with any card that synergizes minions, such as Stormwind Champion or Timber Wolf.

7 of the Best Hunter-Class Cards in Hearthstone. Hounds unleashed by Unleash the Hounds

Animal Companion

Animal Companion is a three-mana card from Rexxar’s basic set that summons one of three Beast minions. The card summons a 4/2 Huffer with Charge, a 2/4 Leokk that gives other minions +1 attack or a 4/4 Misha with Taunt. Those are all great minions to have on the board. So Animal Companion is a summoning spell that’s more mana efficient than most three-mana minion cards.

7 of the Best Hunter-Class Cards in Hearthstone. The Animal Companion card

Savannah Highmane

The Savannah Highmane is one of Rexxar’s best cards for the late game largely because of its Deathrattle effect. It is a well-balanced minion with six and five attack and health values, but those are not especially high stats for a six-mana card. The real beauty of Savannah Highmane is the two 2/2 Hyenas it adds to the board when your opponent eliminates the card’s primary minion.

Another great thing about this rare card is that its minions fall within the Beast category. Thus, players can boost the minions’ stats with the likes of the Timber Wolf or Houndmaster cards. Revenge of the Wild is also a spell card you can play to revive the Savannah Highmane minion on the turn you lose it.

7 of the Best Hunter-Class Cards in Hearthstone. The Savannah Highmane card

Deathstalker Rexxar

The Deathstalker Rexxar is one of the legendary Hunter-class cards. This is a formidable six-mana card that transforms Rexxar’s hero power into Build-A-Beast. That is a unique hero power which enables you to combine two Beast minions into one super minion card (otherwise a Zombeast) that immediately gets drawn into your hand. Players can select two Beast minions from a choice of three for each one. Build-A-Beast is a great hero power to have at your disposal.

Aside from Build-A-Beast, Deathstalker Rexxar also has a notable Battlecry effect that inflicts two damage to all your opponent’s minions in play. That’s a handy AoE (area of effect) which can wipe multiple minions off the board. The card also gives Rexxar five armor, which is another bonus.

Flanking Strike

Flanking Strike is one of Rexxar’s few great four-mana cards. This might not be a fancy legendary card, but Flanking Strike is a flexible card that inflicts three damage to a selected target and summons a 3/3 Wolf. The card’s three-point strike will wipe out a lot of low mana minions that your opponent can play on the first three turns. The additional 3/3 Wolf isn’t amazing for a four-mana card, but that’s still a solid minion which can handle a lot of low mana minions. So the card can provide a handy early board swing by eliminating one enemy minion and bringing one into play.

Dire Frenzy

Dire Frenzy is one of the newer Hearthstone cards that Blizzard added to the game in 2018. This is a four-mana card that increases a Beast minion’s attack and health values by three each. The best thing about the card is that it then adds three copies of the enhanced Beast minion to your deck during a match without increasing the mana value of the cards. For example, Dire Frenzy will boost a 1/1 Timber Wolf to a 4/4 minion and shuffle three copies of that card to your deck. Then you’ll be able to play a one-mana 4/4 Timber Wolf card when it gets drawn into your hand as well as the one currently on the board!

As such, Dire Frenzy is a card with considerable potential. You can play it in combination with Animal Companion to boost a 4/4 Misha to a 7/7 Taunt minion. Then you’ll also have three-mana 7/7 Taunt minions to bring into play in future turns! Alternatively, you can turn one of the 1/1 Hounds summoned by Unleash the Hounds into a one-mana 4/4 minion card with Charge. So Dire Frenzy is surely among one of Rexxar's most mana-efficient cards.

So those are several great cards to include in a Hunter-class deck. Three of them are basic cards that you can unlock by leveling Rexxar up. Another three are common and rare cards that aren’t especially tricky to get hold of with Hearthstone’s crafting system.

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