5 of the Best Demon Hunter Cards in Hearthstone

Demon Hunter is Hearthstone’s latest deck class. Our guide provides further details about the absolute best Demon Hunter cards in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. That deck class already has a number of great cards for players to play with.

5 of the Best Demon Hunter Cards in Hearthstone

Ashes of Outland was one of the biggest Hearthstone expansions in years. It introduced an entirely new Demon Hunter class. Even though that class currently has only a small number of exclusive cards, Demon Hunter has already taken Hearthstone’s metagame by storm. Players have set up some great DH decks with the best Demon Hunter cards in Hearthstone

Demon Hunter cards’ conditional effects are typically based on Outcast or the one-mana Claws Hero Power. Outcast enables players to trigger spell or minion effects by playing the left or right-most cards in their hands. Or you can trigger some cards’ effects by utilizing the Claws Hero Power on the same turn, which gives you a one-attack weapon.

So, it’s worth giving a Demon Hunter deck a try if you are flagging in the rankings. That class has some very strong cards in its collection, some of which Blizzard has already nerfed. These are some of the best Demon Hunter cards in Hearthstone.

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1. Kayn Sunfury

Kayn Sunfury is a legendary four-mana minion that’s among the best cards from the Ashes of Outlands collection. This is a Charge minion with 3/5 stats that you can attack the hero with on the turn it’s played. What sets this apart from all the other Charge cards, however, is its effect that enables all your attacks to ignore Taunt minions. The effect removes your opponent’s Taunt shields for the duration Kayn is in play. That makes Kayn a great finishing card, as it can remove the shields, which would otherwise be blocking you, and inflict three damage on the turn played.

Kayn Sunfury

Kayn Sunfury

2. Skull of Gul’dan

Skull of Gul’dan was originally a five-mana spell card, which got nerfed to six. However, some players are still convinced this card hasn’t been nerfed enough. Gul’dan always draws three cards for you when played. Its Outcast effect reduces each of the three drawn cards’ mana costs by three. Some players are convinced that’s too big of a mana reduction for three cards. At any rate, Gul’dan is great to have in your deck as it will draw three terrific value cards when you’ve activated its Outcast effect. Furthermore, this rare card will only set you back 100 Arcane Dust to craft.

Skull of Gul'dan

Skull of Gul’dan

3. Altruis the Outcast

Altruis the Outcast is a legendary minion card you can play for four mana. The card’s 4/2 stats aren’t great for a four-mana drop. However, Outcast boasts a great effect that enables you to inflict one damage on all enemy minions for when you play one of the two outermost cards in your hand. When combined with low-mana cards, like Twin Slice or Crimson Sigil Runner, you can inflict two, three, or maybe even four damage on all enemy minions with the Outcast. Therefore, Altruis is the best area of effect card Demon Hunter has right now.

Altruis the Outcast

Altruis the Outcast

4. Priestess of Fury

The Priestess of Fury minion is a rare seven-mana minion with six attack and five health. This card’s stats aren’t that hot for a seven-mana drop, but it has a very strong effect. This card randomly inflicts six damage on your opponent’s minions and hero at the end of each of your turns. Priestess of Fury is a great finishing card when your opponent doesn’t have anything on the board. Another great thing about this card’s effect is that it’s a recurring one that doesn’t come with any kind of precondition, such as Outcast, to activate it. So, it’s not surprising that this is one of the most highly-rated Demon Hunter cards right now.

Priestess of Fury

Priestess of Fury

5. Furious Felfin

This is a two-mana Murloc minion card you can craft for 100 Arcane Dust. Furious Felfin boasts 3/2 attack and health values, which are good stats for a two-mana minion. The card’s Battlecry boosts its attack to four and gives Felfin Rush when you’ve attacked with your hero on the same turn you play it.

That’s a really easy Battlecry to trigger, as you can always attack with your one-mana Claws Hero Power. So, you can always play Felfin as a 4/2 minion with Rush from turn three onward. With four attack and Rush, this is a great card for efficient minion trading, as it can knock quite a few four-mana minions off the board on the turn played.

Furious Felfin

Furious Felfin

Those are five of the best Demon Hunter cards in Hearthstone to take your pick from. Battlefiend, Sightless Watcher, and Eye Beam are some of the other Demon Hunter cards worth noting. For some DH deck recipes, check out the Hearthstone website.

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