6 of the Best Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum Cards

Saviors of Uldum has given Hearthstone players some very exciting cards. If you’re not sure what to craft from the Uldum collection, or are just curious about what new cards the expansion has to offer, this is the post for you. The article list below includes six Saviors of Uldum cards that are well worth noting.

6 of the Best Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum Cards

Saviors of Uldum is the latest Hearthstone expansion at the time of writing. This is an expansion with an Egyptian theme. It has also introduced a Reborn effect along with a slew of exciting cards. Below are six of the more noteworthy Saviors of Uldum cards that are getting rave reviews.


Beeees!!! has given Token (or aggro) Druid decks more ammunition. This three-mana Druid-class card summons four 1/1 bees that will then attack a selected minion. If they eliminate a target with less than four health, the remaining bees also stay on the board. This is an appealing card as it basically provides a more flexible Rush effect that can even bypass Taunt minions. Aside from eliminating a minion, it can also provide some additional minions for you to buff up with the likes of Blessing of the Ancients and Savage Roar. Furthermore, you only need 40 Arcane Dust to craft Beeees!!!, which makes it a bargain.

6 of the Best Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum Cards

The Beeees card

Zephrys the Great

Zephrys the Great is one of the most exciting Hearthstone cards for some time. This is a two-mana legendary minion with a Battlecry that enables players to wish for an ideal card from either the basic or Classic sets (when their decks contain no duplicates). It incorporates an algorithm that scans the board and offers you a choice of one from three cards based on the current state of play. For example, if your opponent has several minions on the board, Zephyrs will probably offer you a Brawl or Twisting Nether to whisk them away. The minion’s 3/2 stats are also good for a two-mana drop, which makes it playable even without the Battlecry.

6 of the Best Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum Cards

The Zephrys the Great card

Frightened Flunky

Some players have missed Stonehill Defender from Journey to Un’Goro in Standard. Well, there’s good news: Stonehill Defender is back in a slightly different form! The Warrior-class Frightened Flunky card is the new Stonehill with a Battlecry that enables players to choose a Taunt minion from a choice of three. Flunky is also a two-mana 2/2 Taunt minion that offers slightly better stat value than the three-mana Stonehill card. Thus, Flunky is a great addition to control-style Warrior decks.

6 of the Best Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum Cards

The Frightened Flunky card

Corrupt the Waters

Saviors of Uldum has unleashed a few new Quest cards for players to build decks around. Corrupt the Waters for Shaman-class decks is one of the best Quest cards from the Uldum collection. It is a legendary one-mana card that will transform your Hero Power into the Heart of Vir’naal when you’ve played six Battlecry cards. With that, you can trigger your cards’ Battlecries twice, which will effectively double their impact. It’s a massive bonus for a Hearthstone Quest that won’t usually take especially long to complete so long as you’ve filled your deck with a good number of Battlecry cards.

6 of the Best Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum Cards

The Corrupt the Waters card

Restless Mummy

Restless Mummy is one of best new Reborn cards that Saviors of Uldum has introduced to Hearthstone. This is a 3/2 minion for Warrior-class decks with a Rush effect. When Restless Mummy is lost, the Reborn effect revives it as a 3/1 minion. Therefore, its Rush and Reborn effects enables you to attack twice with Restless Mummy on the turn you play it to inflict up to six damage on a single minion. With that, you can wipe out minions with six health. Alternatively, you can attack two lower mana minions with Restless Mummy to eliminate them.

The Restless Mummy card

The Restless Mummy card

Micro Mummy

Micro Mummy is another great mummy to play from the Saviors of Uldum card set. This is an epic Paladin-class card that adds a Reborn minion with one attack and two health to the battlefield. It has an ongoing effect that increases a random friendly minion’s attack by one at the end of each of your turns. With its Reborn effect, Micro Mummy can remain on the board longer than other two-mana drops. This is also a Mech that players can boost with Magnetic minions, such as Glow-Tron and SN1P. So, it has become a big part of aggro-style Paladin decks for buffing cheap minions.

The Micro Mummy card

The Micro Mummy card

Those are just a few of the great Saviors of Uldum cards that will boost your Hearthstone decks. Questing Explorer, Siamat, Earthquake, and Untapped Potential are some of the other good ones from the Uldum collection.

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