Blizzard Battletags can’t contain the words Hong Kong anymore

Some Blizzard users were trying to create new BattleTags with the words "Hong Kong" in them, only to be denied citing a violation of naming policies on Blizzard's side.

Blizzard censoring Battletags

Blizzard users have started to report that they’re being prevented from having the terms “Hong Kong” as part of their BattleTags. Citing a violation of their naming guidelines, it appears that the term “FreeHongKong” that at least one user has attempted to use has been denied. 

This comes after a couple of days of Blizzard being in the crosshairs following their decision to ban a Hong Kong player for showing support to the ongoing protests in his country. 

Here are the naming rules, as listed on Blizzard’s website:

  • The BattleTag must be between 3-12 characters long.
  • Accented characters are allowed.
  • Numbers are allowed, but a BattleTag cannot start with a number.
  • Mixed capitals are allowed (ex: ZeRgRuSh).
  • No spaces or symbols are allowed.
  • The BattleTag must follow our Code of Conduct. 

The Code of Conduct is more extense than the list, however, this is the extract from the “Naming” section out of this code:

Names are subject to the same rules established above. Any name the player has the ability to customize—such as player names, BattleTags, and guild names—must be appropriate and inoffensive. Any name that violates our standards or disrupts the community will be changed, and additional limitations may be placed on the offending account per our discretion.

Take note that acceptable names are determined by player reports and Blizzard’s decision, and role-playing servers may have distinct standards for using game-appropriate names.”

It’s worth noting that these terms of conduct were updated a week ago, although it’s hard to tell which changes were made. Even then, Using the terms “Hong Kong” on a BattleTag and them being in violation of these terms seems like a stretch. 

Blizzard has not made any official statements regarding the backlash that it’s suffered so far and it’s unclear whether or not they intend to do so. 

Among other things going on with Blizzard currently, we can count the stock fall they started to experience, as well as the problems some users were encountering when trying to delete their accounts.


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