6 of the Best Warlock Cards in Hearthstone

Are you looking for some of the best Warlock-class cards? Warlock players can beef up their decks with plenty of Demon cards and some great legendaries. The article list below includes a few of the best Warlock cards in Hearthstone.

6 of the Best Warlock Cards in Hearthstone

Warlock is a Hearthstone deck class that many players play zoo decks with. The Life Tap Hero Power that depletes two health for a card draw might put off some players from playing Warlock-class decks. However, some of the best Warlock-class cards are among the best in Hearthstone. These are a few of the best Warlock cards in Hearthstone players can add to their decks.

Bloodreaver Gul’dan

Bloodreaver Gul’dan is a legendary 10-mana hero card that remains among the very best cards in Hearthstone’s Wild format (but you can’t play it in Standard). It’s a pricey card, but Bloodreaver is certainly worth it as it summons up to seven of your Demon minions lost during the match. That can provide a decisive board swing so long as there are a reasonable number of Demon cards in your deck. Furthermore, Bloodreaver Gul’dan’s Siphon Life Hero Power is among the best in Hearthstone that restores three health and inflicts three damage on the opponent’s hero or selected minions. So, this is certainly among the best Warlock cards in Hearthstone for both control and zoo decks in Wild format.

The Bloodweaver Gul'dan card

The Bloodweaver Gul’dan card

Doubling Imp

Doubling Imp is a common three-mana Demon minion that’s a good addition to Zoolock decks. That card adds a couple of 2/2 minions to the battlefield. Collectively, they amount to a 4/4 minion, which is good stat value for a three-mana card. As the card adds two minions to the board, Doubling Imp also provides greater buffing potential when played with the likes of Grim Rally, which gives your minions a +1/+1 buff.

The Doubling Imp card

The Doubling Imp card


The Voidlord card is an epic 3/9 minion that players can play for nine mana. That might not sound especially great, but the card’s Deathrattle effect also adds three 1/3 Voidwalker minions to the battlefield. Players will probably need to mount at least five attacks with their minions to clear Voidlord. Thus, this is an excellent defensive card that adds a considerable block to the board.

The Voidlord card

The Voidlord card


Voidwalker is a basic Demon card that players don’t need to craft. It adds a 1/3 Taunt minion to the board, which is great value for a one-mana card. So, Voidwalker is one of the best one-mana Taunt cards in Hearthstone that’s widely included in Warlock decks.

The Voidwalker card

The Voidwalker card

Twisting Nether

Twisting Nether is a whirlwind of a card that whisks all minions off the board. This eight-mana spell destroys all minions on the battlefield, which makes it one of the best board clearance cards in Hearthstone. The card is a salvation when your opponent has a firm grip on the board as it can annihilate up to seven enemy minions in a single turn. It is a somewhat situational card as it also destroys your own minions on the battlefield. However, it’s well worth playing whenever it will inflict much heavier losses on your opponents.

The Twisting Nether card - best warlock hearthstone cards

The Twisting Nether card

Despicable Dreadlord

The Despicable Dreadlord minion is a rare card that players can play for five mana in Wild. The card’s 4/5 attack and health stats aren’t that good for five mana, but that’s not entirely what players include it for. The beauty of Despicable Dreadlord is its recurring effect that deals one damage to all your opponent’s minions on the battlefield. That’s the equivalent of a one-mana Area of Effect spell that the minion casts on all your turns it remains in play for. Thus, the card comes in handy for eliminating minions with one or two health remaining.

The Despicable Dreadlord card - best warlock cards hearthstone

The Despicable Dreadlord card

Those are just some of the best Warlock cards in Hearthstone. Lord Godfrey, Mal’Ganis, and Kobold Librarian are three other Warlock cards that are also worth noting.

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