6 of the Best Paladin Cards in Hearthstone

Do you need to beef up your Paladin deck with a few new cards? If so, check out this crafting guide that includes some of the best Paladin cards in Hearthstone. The Paladin-class deck in Hearthstone has some great weapon, mech, and secret cards.

6 of the Best Paladin Cards in Hearthstone

The Paladin Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft deck class is primarily represented by the Hero Uther Lightbringer. Uther is Hearthstone’s guardian knight with a large, steel hammer and plate of armor to boot. Paladin is a pretty well-balanced class with which players can set up a wide variety of deck archetypes. Paladin is also one of the four classes that you can play Secret spell cards with. These are some of the best Paladin cards in Hearthstone.

1. Mysterious Challenger

Mysterious Challenger is an old card that took Hearthstone’s Standard mode by storm when The Grand Tournament collection came out. This epic six-mana card has a great Battlecry effect that puts one of each Secret from the deck you’re playing into the battlefield. That Battlecry enables Secret Paladin decks to quickly push out a maximum of five Secrets when Mysterious Challenger enters the fray. The card’s minion also has solid 6/6 stats, but its Battlecry is the real attraction. The card is no longer available in Standard, but you can still set up some great Secret decks with it in Wild.

6 of the Best Paladin Cards in Hearthstone

Mysterious Challenger

2. Glow-Tron

Glow-Tron is one of the best Paladin cards from the Boomsday Project collection. This is a one-mana minion with 1/3 attack and health stats, which are great for a one-mana drop. Glow-Tron is among the best one-mana minions in Hearthstone in terms of stat value. This is also a card with a Magnetic effect that enables you to merge it with other Mech minions. Therefore, it effectively provides a +1/+3 buff for Mech minions on the board. Alternatively, you can merge other Magnetic minions into this Mech when it’s on the battlefield. So, Glow-Tron is a great card for Mech Paladin decks and a decent one-mana minion for any type of deck.

6 of the Best Paladin Cards in Hearthstone


3. Micro Mummy

Micro Mummy is another strong card for Paladin Mech and zoo decks. It is a two-mana Mech minion with 1/2 attack and health values plus an effect that gives a random friendly minion in play +1 attack at the end of your turns. The card also has a Reborn effect that boosts its stat value as Micro Mummy gets revived with 1/1 stats. It’s a good addition to zoo decks as it will increase the low attack values of cheaper minions in play. It’s even better for Mech Paladin decks as you can magnetize Micro Mummy with Magnetic minions, which will ensure it stays on the board longer and prolong its buffing effect.

6 of the Best Paladin Cards in Hearthstone

Micro Mummy

4. Tirion Fordring

Tirion Fordring isn’t just one of the best Paladin cards: it’s one of the best minions in Hearthstone. This legendary eight-mana card has 6/6 stats, Divine Shield, and Taunt, which makes it a great defensive minion. It’s also a great attacking card as it has a Deathrattle effect that gives you a weapon with five attack and three-turn durability, which amounts to about a six-mana weapon. You can inflict 15 damage on your opponent’s hero with that weapon alone. Tirion Fordring isn’t ideally suited for zoo decks, but it’s one of the best cards for control-orientated Paladin decks.

6 of the Best Paladin Cards in Hearthstone

Tirion Fordring

5. Mysterious Blade

Mysterious Blade is another of the best Hearthstone cards for Paladin Secret decks. This is a two-mana card weapon card with a two attack value you can utilize across two turns. However, it comes with a Battlecry effect that boosts it attack value to three when you have a Secret in play. That Battlecry boosts the card considerably as it gives you a three-mana Fiery War Axe for two mana when it’s triggered. With a three-attack weapon, you can wipe out most one, two, and three-mana minions on the battlefield. However, the appeal of Mysterious Blade is restricted to Paladin Secret decks.

6 of the Best Paladin Cards in Hearthstone

Mysterious Blade

6. Truesilver Champion

Truesilver Champion is a better weapon than Mysterious Blade as its appeal isn’t restricted to one deck type. This four-mana weapon has four attack and two-turn durability, which enables you to reduce a hero’s health by eight. Aside from that, Truesilver also restores your own hero’s health by two when it attacks with the weapon. This weapon can eliminate a lot of three and four-mana minions and can also come in handy for finishing an opponent off when they have eight or less health. Furthermore, you don’t need to craft Truesilver as it’s a basic card.

6 of the Best Paladin Cards in Hearthstone

Truesilver Champion

Those are just of a few of the best Paladin cards in Hearthstone that will give Paladin decks a boost. You can play four of those cards in Standard mode at the moment. Glow-Tron and Mysterious Challenger are exclusively for Wild starting April 2020.

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