5 Tips for Getting to Legend Rank in Hearthstone

Who wants to be a Hearthstone legend? This guide provides some tips for reaching the fabled Legend rank in Hearthstone. Most players are no doubt playing to reach that game’s Legend rank and take their place among its elite.

5 Tips for Getting to Legend Rank in HearthstoneHearthstone’s Legend rank is the very highest rank on the game’s ladder. It is an exclusive club of elite Hearthstone players who have climbed all the way up the standard starred rankings to reach what is effectively rank zero. When (or if) you get there, you’ll go up against a few other thousand players in a separate Ranked matchmaking ranking ladder that doesn’t have stars.

A previous KeenGamer article provided beginner tips for Hearthstone. However, they were merely introductory tips for getting started at the low end of the ranking scale. To get to Legend, you’ll need to sustain a win rate of at least 52 percent against stronger decks and opponents. These are few tips for reaching the fabled Legend rank in Hearthstone (from somebody who has got there).

1. Check out the Hearthstone Deck Tracker

First, check out the Hearthstone Deck Tracker (otherwise Arcane Tracker) for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. You can click one of the download buttons on the Deck Tracker page to open the pertinent download page for your platform.

Hearthstone Deck Tracker keeps a record of your percentage win/loss rate with hero classes and decks so that you can see if you’re getting a sufficient win rate to climb the ladder. It also adds a handy in-game sidebar that shows you what cards you have and haven’t played in your deck during a match. That overlay is especially handy for keeping tracking of minions you’ve played for cards that resurrect them, such as Bloodreaver Gul’dan. It also records games you’ve played so you can watch them again and provides a turn timer.

5 Tips for Getting to Legend Rank in Hearthstone

The Hearthstone Deck Tracker sidebar

2. Don’t Change Decks too Often

Sometimes it might be tempting to ditch a deck, or at least make some notable modifications to it, when you’re on a bad run. However, do not make big changes to decks too often unless your win rate with them clearly becomes insufficient. A bad run doesn’t necessarily mean you’re deck has suddenly become ineffective if it has still got a historic win rate above the 50 percent mark. You’ll play better with decks you know better, so stick with them. Changing decks often also costs more mana, and you’ll probably need to disenchant quite a few cards to do so.

If your deck’s win rate drops below 50 percent, then you’ll have to consider changing it. Decks can become less effective in the months after Hearthstone expansions that introduce new cards, which might undermine your once solid decks. So, months that follow expansions are certainly periods when some players need to consider setting up new decks with some of the new cards in the game. That’s especially the case for the April expansion period when old cards disappear from Standard.

5 Tips for Getting to Legend Rank in Hearthstone

Percentage stats for Hearthstone deck

3. Play With a Top-Tier Meta Deck Listed on the Web

If the decks you build don’t cut it, check out some of the top-tier meta decks listed on the web. Hearthstone Top Decks is one of the best meta deck source. That website’s Hearthstone Meta Tier List shows you some of the best decks in the current meta. A lot of the higher ranked players play decks that are listed there, or at least very close variations. The top and second tier decks listed there aren’t necessarily guaranteed tickets to Legend rank in Hearthstone for players who don’t play them so well, but they’ll certainly give you a better chance.

4. Disenchant Gold Cards

Of course, you’ll need a few thousand Arcane Dust to craft all the cards required for one of the decks listed at Hearthstone Top Decks. As you climb the rankings, you’ll get more gold cards that look quite fancy. Those are cards that you can disenchant for the same amount of Arcane Dust that they’re crafted for. Gold common cards will actually give you 50 Arcane Dust, which is more than their 40 crafting cost.

5 Tips for Getting to Legend Rank in Hearthstone

A golden epic card

Disenchanting gold cards that you aren’t playing with (or have the non-gold alternatives to) is one of the best ways to quickly amass Arcane Dust to craft new decks with. Disenchant all gold common cards even if you actually need them. You’ll actually make a 10 Arcane Dust profit on any that you craft again for a new deck. A golden legendary will give you 1,600, which will will save you disenchanting quite a lot non-gold cards to get a new legendary needed for a meta deck.

5. Play Quicker Zoo or Aggro Decks

I recommend playing faster zoo and aggro decks as Treant Token Druid is the deck I got to Legend rank in Hearthstone with, which was a top tier meta deck for a while. I’m sure there are quite a few players who get to Legend with control decks set up for late game wins. However, the advantage of zoo and aggro decks is that you can generally win matches more quickly with them before the late game kicks in. Control decks matches will typically be longer and more time-consuming affairs. That’s especially the case in control vs control scenarios which can often get to fatigue (end of deck) stage in matches.

The above tips will boost your chances of reaching the Legend rank in Hearthstone. Maybe now you can take on the Hearthstone world!

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