6 of the Best Druid Cards in Hearthstone

Do you need to beef up a Druid deck? This crafting guide provides details about some of the best Druid cards in Hearthstone that could boost your win rate. Hearthstone's Druid class has some great cards for zoo and aggro decks.

6 of the Best Druid Cards in Hearthstone

Druid is a Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft hero class that’s primarily represented by Malfurion Stormrage. It is a hero class that draws upon the forces of nature to win matches. Thus, Druid-class cards typically have an organic theme. This class has unique Treant minions (walking trees) that you can add lots of to the board with Druid cards. Therefore, Token Druid with Treants is among its strongest deck archetypes. These are some of the best Druid-class cards in Hearthstone.

1. Savage Roar

Savage Roar is a three-mana spell card that is prominently featured in many Token Druid decks. The card gives all your characters (minions on the board and hero) a +2 attack boost for one turn. Therefore, this card enables you to potentially unleash more than 20 damage on an opponent’s hero in a single turn with four or more low attack minions on the battlefield. Savage Roar can be even more devastating when combined with Charge minions like Leeroy Jenkins, which it gives an 8 attack stat. So, Savage Roar can often have a decisive impact on matches.

6 of the Best Druid Cards in Hearthstone

Savage Roar

2. Ultimate Infestation

Ultimate Infestation is one of the best Druid-class spell cards in Hearthstone. This epic 10-mana spell provides a five-card draw, gives you five armor, inflicts five damage, and adds a 5/5 minion to your side of the battlefield. That’s an awful lot for even a 10-mana card to provide. So, Ultimate Infestation is a great card to have in control Druid decks; but it doesn’t fit so well in Token Druid archetypes with lower mana curves.

6 of the Best Druid Cards in Hearthstone

Ultimate Infestation

3. Aeroponics

Aeroponics is a Druid card from the Descent of Dragons set. This is nominally a five-mana spell that draws three cards from your deck, which doesn’t sound very good. The beauty of this card, however, is that each Treant you have in play reduces its mana cost by two. Three Treants on the board turn this into a zero-mana card, which is fantastic value for a three-card draw. Thus, this is a must have card for Treant Druid decks that make it easy to reduce its mana cost.

6 of the Best Druid Cards in Hearthstone


4. Swipe

Swipe is one of the few area of effect spells Druid has in its arsenal. This four-mana spell card inflicts four damage on one selected target and one damage on all other enemies (both minions and hero). Thus, it’s a very flexible area of effect card that you can destroy at least one minion with and reduce the health of all the others. It can come in handy for finishing off your opponent as one or two Swipe cards can inflict four to eight damage on the hero. This is also a basic card you don’t need to craft, which is another bonus.

6 of the Best Druid Cards in Hearthstone


5. Beeeess!!!

This is a versatile card that’s a great addition to Token Druid decks. Beeeess!!! is a three-mana card that summons four 1/1 Bees which attack a selected minion target. You can utilize it to eliminate any minion with four or less health. If the minion has less than four health, Bees that aren’t needed for the attack remain on the board. Thus, the card can provide some additional minions to buff up with spells, which is handy for zoo-oriented decks. Beeeess!!! also has good combo potential with numerous cards, such as Knife Juggler and Cult Master.

6 of the Best Druid Cards in Hearthstone


6. Keeper Stalladris

Keeper Stalladris is a legendary minion you can play for two Mana Crystals. This minion’s 2/3 attack and health stats are very decent for a two-mana drop, but that’s not its primary attraction. The great thing about Keeper Stalladris is that it adds copies of both Choose One spell choices to your hand whenever you play Choose One cards. Stalladris does that for the duration it remains in play, which gives you a chance to add at least two extra spells to your hand. This minion won’t usually last that long on the board, but you can play it in combination with two or maybe even three Choose One cards with 10 Mana Crystals to get up to six spell cards.

Keeper Stalladris

Keeper Stalladris

Those are among the best Druid cards in Hearthstone that are widely played in Wild and Standard. Ultimate Infestation is the only one of those cards that you can’t play in Standard at the time of writing. In addition to those, Untapped Potential, Spreading Plague, Flobbidinous Floop, and Wrath are also worth noting.

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