6 Hearthstone Boomsday Cards That Are Worth Noting

The Boomsday Project expansion introduced a variety of exciting new Hearthstone cards. So, which of those cards should you craft? The article below lists some of the great cards from the Boomsday collection.

Six Hearthstone Boomsday Cards That Are Worth Noting
The Boomsday Project is one of the more recent Hearthstone expansions, which Blizzard rolled out in August 2018. Therefore, the cards that expansion introduced are still relatively new to players. That expansion added 135 new cards to Hearthstone and introduced Magnetic minions. There are some gems to be found within the Boomsday collection. These are six Boomsday cards that are well worth adding to Hearthstone decks.

Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project Trailer

This is legendary card is among the best Mech minions in Hearthstone. Ok, the minion's three and two attack and health values aren’t much to shout about for a five-mana card. However, Zilliax is a Magnetic, Taunt, Rush, Divine Shield, and Rush minion wrapped into one! So, Zilliax packs in more keywords than most Hearthstone cards. As it’s Magnetic, players can merge Zilliax with a higher stat Mech to form a formidable minion on the board.

Six Hearthstone Boomsday Cards That Are Worth Noting. Zilliax

Lab Recruiter

Rogue’s Lab Recruiter is a great value minion card. The card is similar to the Gang Up spell, but it also adds a minion to the board. The minion’s three and two attack and health values are decent for a two-mana card.

However, the great thing about Lab Recruiter is that it shuffles three copies of one of your own minions into your deck. Players can select to copy a minion on the battlefield, and then they can potentially play that card three more times during a match. By playing Lab Recruiter, players can get three copies of their favorite minion during a match. Remember that you can also copy Lab Recruiter with another Lab Recruiter card!

Six Hearthstone Boomsday Cards That Are Worth Noting. The Lab Recruiter card

Flobbidinous Floop

Flobbidinous Floops is the most dynamic card in Hearthstone. This is a legendary Druid-class card that players can play for four mana. The card adds a 3/4 minion to the board that copies the effect of the last minion card played. For example, the Flobbidinous Floop will have +5 spell damage if the Malygos is the last minion played. This card also gives players a chance to reuse some of the best Battlecry and Deathrattle effects they’ve got in their decks. So it’s a very flexible card to have up your sleeve.

6 Hearthstone Boomsday Cards That Are Worth Noting. Flobbidinous Floop


Glow-Tron is a one-mana card that you can add to any deck class. The card doesn’t have any fancy effect, but it’s a solid Mech minion that provides decent value. Glow-Tron’s three health value is as high as it gets for one-mana cards. As it’s Magnetic, players can also combine two Glow-Trons to form one 2/6 minion. A 2/6 minion for just two mana is great value.

Six Hearthstone Boomsday Cards That Are Worth Noting. The Glow-Tron card

Kangor’s Endless Army

This legendary card is a great addition to any Paladin deck that includes a set of Mech minions. Kangor’s Endless Army resurrects three friendly Mechs for seven mana. Therefore, this card gives players a chance to resurrect a triumvirate of Mechs that they fused together. If you play your cards right with this one, Kangor’s Endless Army can decisively shift the balance of the board in your favor.

Six Hearthstone Boomsday Cards That Are Worth Noting. Kangor's Endless Army

Doubling Imp 

The Doubling Imp is Warlock-class card you can play for three mana. It adds two 2/2 Demon minions to the battlefield. The minions amount to a 4/4 collectively, which is good value for a three-mana card. The advantage of having two separate minions instead of one is that they’ll get more of a boost from enchantment cards. For example, Stormwind Champion will boost the attack and health values of each of the Doubling Imp minions by +1/+1 for a combined +2/+2 increase. Therefore, Doubling Imp is a good one to play in combination with enchantment (or buff) cards.

6 Hearthstone Boomsday Cards That Are Worth Noting. Doubling Imp
Those are just a few of the great Boomsday Project cards that are worth noting. Lab Recruiter, Doubling Imp and Glow-Tron are common cards you can craft for 40 Arcade Dust. However, you might need to disenchant quite a few cards to add the legendary Zilliax, Kangor’s Endless Army and Floop cards to your decks.

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