Urgot Rework Released

One of the most despised champions receives a face lift. But, is it enough to breathe new life into the charcater? Why not check it out and find out for yourself!

Urgot Rework Released

After so many years of Riot Games teasing an Urgot rework, it has finally arrived. For a champion so hated there was a ton of work put into the rework to breathe new life into the champion. All of his abilities have been changed or altered to make a brand new kit allowing him to now be successful in this new meta of the game.

One of the issues that this rework fixes the lack of a "correct" area for Urgot to be. This rework states he is going to be a better top laner and jungler than anywhere on the map as his old kit felt he could be used anywhere. Urgot is the definitive juggernaut, he can deal massive damage while becoming very tanky in the process. But many of the old Urgot fans are very disappointed with the fact that his lore is no longer that of a war veteran and now is that of a war prisoner with Stockholm syndrome. Pain is what he lives for and what he enjoys.

Urgot does have an almost brand new kit so make sure to take him into a custom or player vs ai before taking him into a legitimate game and get called out by your team for never playing it before in something like ranked.

Urgot Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends

This rework is playable on the latest version of League of Legends. Get out there summoner and feel the pain that drives Urgot to live and fight!

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