Team Liquid Holding Tryouts For Possible Lineup Changes

After a less than stellar performance thus far, Team Liquid could be making some drastic changes to their lineup, including a possible role swap for their ADC, Piglet.

Team Liquid Holding Tryouts For Possible Lineup Changes
Things are being shaken up on Team Liquid.  After a disappointing series of losses, Team Liquid currently sits at the bottom of the LCS Leaderboard with a record of 2-8, leading many to question what can be done to save the split.

On 2/21/17, a Reddit post proposed the idea that longtime ADC Piglet would be role-swapping to mid lane, based on the fact that Piglet has recently been playing almost exclusively mid lane in solo queue, and duoing with Team Liquid's jungler, Reignover.  Adding further suspicion, their support, Matt has recently taken to duoing bot lane with Link, their substitute mid laner.  

That same day, a Facebook AMA was conducted by the team's co-owner Steve Arhancet, who stated that the team would be holding tryouts before their next match.  It was not made clear which specific roles they would be holding tryouts for.  

During the AMA, Arhancet was asked whether the rumors of Piglet moving to mid lane and Link to ADC held any truth, or if it was mere Reddit speculation.  Arhancet responded, saying, "We're evaluating all kinds of options… We are not leaving one stone untouched… some of that is also some role-swap opportunities as well."

Some have attributed Team Liquid's struggles to the meta being more focused on utility ADCs, therefore not allowing Piglet the kind of outplay potential he had been accustomed to in past seasons.  This combined with the underwhelming performance of their current mid laner, GoldenGlue, could be the reasoning for such a drastic mid-split lineup change.  

Regardless, the rumors and speculation should be put to rest fairly soon, according to Arhancet.  “At the end of this testing week, we could decide that all these options suck in comparison to staying with the current setup… We’ll probably be making that choice Sunday of this week.”

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