League of Legends – new jungle in 2015!

League of Legends - new jungle in 2015!

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What can you expect in the coming season 2015? 

Jungle will get more strategic diversity again. 

Currently a small pool of optimal junglers has been skewing team compositions toward a small set of strategic plans, so our focus for 2015 is to let players take the junglers they love and the junglers they want to fit into their team’s strategies.

In 2014 there were just some junglers played over and over again and not many other viable options except of Kha’Zix, Evelynn, Rengar, Elise and Lee Sin. In the next season the activities made in jungle should be more diversified and players should have more power under their own control with different possibilities how to help their team.

important change to the camps:

We’ve also changed the pacing of the basic camps, increasing their gold and XP rewards, along with their spawn delay. This puts a higher premium on mitigation-focused junglers who can stay healthy to gank after clearing a camp, while high-damage junglers might be more effective at ganking but will have a tougher time keeping up.

There are going to be many changes in itemization. 

Many new sets if items built directly for jungles will be introduced to the game. See for yourself:

Stalker’s Blade increases your power while ganking, allowing the jungler to play a larger-than-usual role in helping snowball lanes and put the whole team ahead.

Poacher’s Knife provides you with additional power and incentive to cross the river and invade the enemy jungle, stealing whatever camps you can opportunistically take and putting the enemy jungler behind.

Skirmisher’s Sabre gives combat power specially targeted to a 1 versus 1 situation, empowering you to seek out the enemy jungler and try to kill them, to show up during enemy ganks and turn the tide of a battle, or to punish an invading enemy jungler.

Ranger’s Trailblazer makes you faster and safer at fighting jungle monsters, allowing you to stay safer while farming because your health will be generally higher and giving you more time to take other actions.

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