Bel’Veth Guide: Runes, Builds, Abilities and Pathing

Bel'Veth has been recently added into League of Legends and she's terrorizing the jungle. So here is the ultimate Bel'Veth guide for you to do it too! This guide covers Bel'Veth runes, build, jungle pathing, and more so that you don't miss a thing.

Bel'Veth Guide Runes, Builds, Abilities and Pathing cover

Riot Game’s promised void jungler has finally arrived in League of Legends in the form of Bel’Veth; an attack speed-focused bruiser that has great damage and mobility. Players have been quick to create different builds and experiment with the Queen of the void, but which one is best? That’s what you’ll learn in this Bel’Veth guide, which will cover everything from runes, to builds, ability maxing, and pathing.

Bel’Veth runes guide

Let’s start this Bel’Veth guide with the runes, as it is the first thing you need to know before getting into a match. In this case, Bel’Veth has a few niche runes that work for her. However, the perfect keystone for her is lethal tempo, as it provides extra attack speed and range. Yet, there are a few combinations to try.

AD Bel’Veth runes

Firstly, we have the “basic” rune page, which is a hyper carry build and will probably be the most used one. For it, you must take Lethal Tempo as your keystone, Triumph, Legend: alacrity and Coup de Grace; and domination with Sudden Impact and Treasure Hunter for secondaries. These runes offer everything that Bel’Veth needs; attack speed on Lethal Tempo and Legend: alacrity, sustain on Triumph and Coup de Grace, and damage with Sudden Impact. The extra gold of Treasure Hunter also helps for the expensive Bel’Veth build. The bonus keystones (bottom right) can vary from game to game, but you should always get attack speed. The other two will depend on the game matchup and build you go for.

You can swap Coup de Grace for Last Stance if you feel the fights will go on for longer. In the same way, instead of taking the domination tree for secondaries, you can go with inspiration; from which you can equip Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight. These runes are mostly useless in the early game but will help you a ton in the late game, which is when you will shine.

For Bel'Veth runes, Lethal tempo with triumph, legend: alacrity, coup de grace, and domination with sudden impact and treasure hunter on secondary's proof to be the most effective

For Bel’Veth runes, Lethal tempo with triumph, legend: alacrity, coup de grace, and domination with sudden impact and treasure hunter on secondary’s proof to be the most effective

Bruiser Bel’Veth runes

Another take on the AD (attack damage) side of Bel’Veth, but this time focused more on resisting and winning longer fights. This set is very useful against champions that can burst you with their crowd control and assassin abilities, as it provides you with key survival elements. For this rune page, you can opt to take two keystones, either Lethal Tempo (yes, it’s that good) or Conqueror, as both work very well on long fights. Then, you take Triumph, Legend: alacrity, and Last Stand; and, on secondaries, you take resolve with Conditioning and Unflinching. These will provide you extra tankiness and a very needed resistance to CC, which is Bel’Veth’s main weakness. As with the previous build, the bonus keystones vary, but Bel’Veth has an insatiable hunger for attack speed, so yeah, pick it.

You can swap the secondary runes, picking overgrowth (if you feel you will need more health), or revitalize (which adds very good healing value if enemies lack CC). Yet, unflinching will be good for most matchups. as every champion has CC into their kits nowadays.

Bel'Veth bruiser runes offer more resistance for longer fights. For it, precision with lethal tempo or conqueror, with triumph, legend: alacrity and last stance; and resolve, with conditioning and unflinching are the best option

Bel’Veth bruiser runes offer more resistance for longer fights. For it, precision with lethal tempo or conqueror, with triumph, legend: alacrity and last stance; and resolve, with conditioning and unflinching are the best option

AP Bel’Veth runes

An interesting Bel’Veth rune set, as it focuses on the absurd AP (ability power) scaling that Bel’Veth has. Her W has 125% AP scaling, and her ultimate 100% AP scaling; dealt as AOE true damage when you pick up a void coral. So, yeah, you just one shot everyone and have lots of fun. You can pick Dark Harvest (for funner one shots) or Lethal Tempo (for consistent damage). If you pick Dark Harvest, Sudden Impact and Treasure Hunter are a must; while you can pick Eyeball Collection, Zombie Ward, or Ghost Poro depending on your playstyle. On the other hand, if you pick Lethal Tempo, you can go with Triumph, Legend: alacrity, and Coup de Grace. For secondary runes, choose inspiration, as you aim to scale and teamfight; so Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight work best. For bonus keystones pick attack speed, adaptive force, and armor or magic resistance.

Lethal tempo is still the most viable option, as your main AP damage would come from your ultimate, but it’s difficult to lure the enemies into it. So, dealing a bunch of damage with AP-powered auto attacks is still very good. Yet, this is mostly a fun build, as AD Bel’Veth is far more consistent and powerful.

Bel’Veth build guide

Obviously, after runes you’d like to know what to build, well, this Bel’Veth guide’s got you covered. As with runes, there are a bunch of different Bel’Veth builds, depending on what playstyle you’re going for, so we’ll need to go step by step.

AD Bel’Veth build

This build is very focused on dealing as much DPS (damage per second) as possible. As such, if you play this, you will be the carry of your team, and the carry needs a lot of items. This build is expensive, but it’s very good, and it has some good variations, so you can adapt to most situations. Yet, Bel’Veth has a few core items that you must always (or almost always) buy. These are Kraken Slayer, Platted Steelcaps or Mercury’s Treads (depending on the enemy team’s kind of damage), Blade of the Ruined King (BORK), and Guinsoo’s Rageblade. The attack speed and damage from Kraken, BORK, and Guinsoo’s will let you shred through any enemy champion’s defences, while the boots give you good resistances so that you aren’t instakilled. You can swap Kraken with Immortal Shieldbow if you need its shield and life steal to survive assassins.

Now, after core items, you have 2 free item slots that different items will fill depending on the match. Normally, Guardian Angel will be the 5th or 6th item, as it gives good damage, armor, and a second chance to live. In the same manner, Death’s Dance pairs perfectly against heavy AD teams, and will provide you with extra fighting power and resistance. On the other hand, if you are fighting against heavy AP teams, Maw of Malmortius and Wit’s End are wonderful. Finally, you could choose Phantom Dancer if you have a hard time sticking to enemies or Lord Dominik’s Regards if the enemies are stacking armor.

AD Bel'Veth build guide: while you should always purchase the aforementioned core items, you can use situational items to adapt to any situation you may encounter

AD Bel’Veth build guide: while you should always purchase the aforementioned core items, you can use situational items to adapt to any situation you may encounter

Bruiser Bel’Veth build

The bruiser Bel’Veth’s build has some special interactions and specifics that you need to know. Bel’Veth is a bruiser, yes, and she deals a lot of damage, but lacks resistance. Unless you use her E, which grants her damage reduction, provides life steal, and rapidly attacks the lowest health enemy. This build consists of exploiting this ability, as well as her damage output. You see, her E applies on-hit effects and her ultimate’s passive (which deals true damage on every second attack); so you can just go in, press E, and deal huge damage while not losing any. Then you just go after them with Q and auto attack them to death. This build provides you with good damage, health, and sustain to deal with any bruiser and assassin. 

So, for this build, you will have to go with Trinity Force or Stride Breaker for your mythic; as they provide good damage, attack speed, movement speed, and health. Then, you must take Blade of the Ruined King, Titanic Hydra, and either Plated Steelcaps (RIP tabis) or Mercurials. The on-hit damage of Titanic and BORK while you press E will be devastating, and you will be able to tank anything. Then, we have situational items, which are a lot to choose from. If you need armor, Guardian Angel and Death’s Dance are perfect; while, against AP teams, you can choose Wit’s End (extra damage), Force of Nature (better mobility), or Spirit Visage (increased healing). Finally, Sterak’s Gage is an excellent option against teams that can burst you down too quickly.

Bruiser Bel'Veth build guide: Trinity Force, Titanic Hydra, and BORK will let you deal a lot of damage with E, Q, and auto-attacks, while resisting a lot of damage and having great sustain

Bruiser Bel’Veth build guide: Trinity Force, Titanic Hydra, and BORK will let you deal a lot of damage with E, Q, and auto-attacks, while resisting a lot of damage and having great sustain

AP Bel’Veth build

Now, let’s get funky with some AP, one-shotting void empress. Of course, if you want to one shot enemies with two abilities, you need as much AP as you can. Yet, you also need to resist long enough during fights so that you can use your R. For that you will need a Bel’Veth build with health, life steal, and damage. As such, your go-to mythic item must be Riftmaker. Yet, your most important, and first item, must be Nashor’s Tooth, as it gives you a lot of AP, attack speed, and on-hit damage. This build has another 2 core items, Rabaddon’s Deathcap (more AP = more one shot potential) and Shadowflame (a lot of AP, health, and magic penetration).

As with the past builds, you have a lot of options, but this is a Bel’Veth guide, so let’s see which are the best ones. For boots, you can pick any resistances boots (Plated Steelcaps or Mercury Treads) or even Sorcerer’s if you need more magic penetration. Now, if you are constantly getting one shotted, you can buy Zhonyas’ Hourglass (the most OP item in the game) or Banshee’s Veil (great against AP threats). Then, if fights last for longer, Demonic Embrace or Cosmic Drive should be your go-to items; as the first one is great for AP bruisers and the latter provides a bit of everything and extra movement speed. Lastly, Void Staff is a great option against buffier, magic resistance-stacking enemies.

How could this Bel'Veth guide be complete without an AP, fun Bel'Veth build? One shot your enemies with the likes of Riftmaker, Nashor's, Rabaddon's and Shadowflame

How could this Bel’Veth guide be complete without an AP, fun Bel’Veth build? One shot your enemies with the likes of Riftmaker, Nashor’s, Rabaddon’s and Shadowflame

Bel’Veth ability guide

Bel’Veth’s abilities can be a bit hard to grasp, so take a good look at them before playing the champion. Yet, once you get them, playing the champion is not that hard; but what abilities should you max first? And what are the best combos to do?

Bel’Veth ability order

Bel’Veth’s basic abilities are amazing, as they provide a lot of options for outplaying your opponents. However, the most important ability she has is her Q, void surge; which allows her to dash through enemies and deal damage to them. You should always max Q first, as it gives you more mobility, and damage and is an auto-attack reset. It is the ability you will use most. 

Then, the other two basic abilities, W (above and below) and E (royal maelstrom) are mostly equally important. Her W is your utility skill, as it can knock up and slow the whole enemy team; and her E is your all-in skill, as it makes you way tankier than you should be. As such, after maxing Q, you can go for either, depending on the playstyle you are aiming for. It is true that you are going to use W more, as it has way less cooldown, so you can go for it first. Also, if you are going AP, you will want to max W to reduce its cooldown and do more damage. Although, if you are aiming for a bruiser playstyle, maxing E will be smarter, as it will be your most important ability. Naturally, when you are able to max R (endless banquet), do so.

Bel’Veth ability tips

When playing Bel’Veth, you need to be in the middle of fights, deal as much damage as you can, and survive, but that can be difficult. So, let this Bel’Veth guide ease the way into a mastery 7.

  1. Don’t use E without a purpose. As said before, E grants Bel’Veth a lot of damage reduction, life steal, and damage. Yet, you must know that E only damages the nearby lowest health enemy (prioritizing champions). So, you should only use E to survive an enemy’s very important ability (like Veigar’s R) or to kill a low-health enemy.
  2. Abuse Bel’Veth’s Q. It is a dash that deals a lot of damage and resets your auto-attack, so use auto-attack, Q, and auto-attack to deal a lot of fast damage. Also, while you are in your ultimate form (after consuming a void coral), you can use your Q dash to go through some walls. Keep in mind that each of the Q dash directions has its own unique cooldown, so you can keep dashing after using one.
  3. Using your R to pick up enemy void corals sometimes is not the best idea. Picking up an enemy’s dead body makes you turn into your true form, giving you power and healing you; but sometimes you may just die because you couldn’t reach the void coral or because a tower was attacking you. At times is best to just keep fighting.
  4. Focus one enemy at a time. It may sound stupid, but Bel’Veth is especially good at taking down one specific enemy. Her ultimate has a passive that marks the target when you auto-attack them, each second attack against them deals bonus true damage and stacks indefinitely. As such, you’re better off hitting one enemy than changing from one to another.

Bel’Veth pathing

Bel’Veth is a jungler, and that is clear. The champion may be role swapped into toplane or midlane. Maybe even some crazy player (like me) will try her support; but she will mostly be a jungler. She gains bonus attack speed when farming, which works great in the jungle, as she can AFK farm and carry. Yet, what is the best Bel’Veth pathing?

Well, Bel’Veth is a power farming champion, so you want to do a full clear, that is, farming everything. You can start red or blue, depending on the lane you want to path towards. Yet, the jungle farming Bel’Veth paths are different.

  1. If you start red, you can do red buffkrugsraptors, then path to blue buff normally. Here, it’s better to upgrade W second, as it’s good against krugs. You can smite the krugs, as you will arrive with little health or time.
  2. If you start blue, you can do blue buff and gromp together → wolves. You start attacking blue, then activate gromp with smite and damage both with your Q. Later,  go to wolves to kill them easily and continue towards red. This route is faster, as you do blue buff and gromp together, but it requires upgrading E second. You will need it for wolves and then raptors.

Another important notion is that you must prioritize void epic monsters (Rift Herald and Baron Nashor) over others. When killing them, you get a special void coral. These make your ultimate longer and gives you another passive: when killing a minion, you spawn a void remora (a very OP void minion).

How to stop inting your jungle clear on Bel'Veth

(Video by Phylaris)

That would be all in this Bel’Veth guide, so what do you think of the void empress? Will you be maining her? Let us know in the comments!

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