League of Legends Reveals New Champion Akshan: The Rogue Sentinel

Akshan: The Rogue Sentinel is the newest champion to join League of Legends’ extensive roster. Featuring a grappling hook, infinite stealth, and capability to revive teammates, his reception has been nothing short of divisive. He’s expected to make his debut in the midlane in a few weeks.

League of Legends Reveals New Champion Akshan: The Rogue Sentinel Cover

Following the release of Gwen: The Hallowed Seamstress comes Akshan, a stylish and highly mobile midlane marksman. Described as a charming rogue, Akshan zooms around the battlefield with his grappling hook and possesses the ability to revive his teammates by avenging their killer. 

Coming from a Shuriman village, Akshan was saved by a Sentinel of Light warrior called Shadya after he was left to die. She took him in and trained him to be a Sentinel, and the two traveled around Shurima before their adventures came to a screeching halt following Shadya’s murder. Swearing to avenge the woman he loved, Akshan took up her arms to fight against the Ruined King Viego and the oncoming Ruination.

Akshan: the Rogue Sentinel | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

The reception to Akshan by the community has been divisive, to say the least. Players are less than excited about many aspects of his kit, ranging from his infinite stealth as long as he remains near terrain to having yet another three-hit passive.

Most controversial of all however is his W ability, or his revive. Akshan is able to revive his teammates instantly if he avenges their killer, who is marked as a “Scoundrel”. It only works on one Scoundrel at a time but in rare cases of an enemy quadra kill, Akshan has the ability to revive his whole team instantly. 

Time will tell how balanced or unbalanced Akshan becomes, but Riot Games has a high mountain to climb if they want to get The Rogue Sentinel over with their players. 

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