7 Changes You Must Know for League of Legends Season 13

Let's check 7 significant changes coming in League of Legends Season 13. As we are getting closer to 2023, League of Legends Season 13 excites players. There are many various upcoming changes in LoL for the next season in terms of gameplay and especially for jungle players. It is time to learn these changes which will affect the Summoner's Rift and the Howling Abyss in the next season.

7 Changes You Must Know for League of Legends Season 13League of Legends excites the players by means of the upcoming changes for Season 13. As the game is in the period of presason for 2023, the players also get a chance to test and get used to these changes for the next season. For instance, just before the Season 13, League of Legends brought the new champion “K’Sante” which has excited top lane players. Additionally, jungle players will have totally different gameplay in the Season 13.

In addition, it is not wrong to mention that there are many various changes for the gameplay of League of Legends Season 13. The changes not only concern the general gameplay in the Summoner’s Rift but also Howling Abyss. Apart from these, the items and specific changes for Jungle are also another topics for the next season. League of Legends’ official YouTube channel has also published a spotlight video for the coming season. Now it is time to learn these upcoming changes for the next season!

Chemtech Drake Comes Back in League of Legends Season 13

Chemtech Drake was introduced to players for the first time during the preseason before 2022. However, just before the beginning of that season, the newly introduced drake was disabled by League of Legends. The reason why they disabled this drake was because of the feedback and surveys on the social media. Most of the players supported the idea that Chemtech drake was difficult and frustrating to play. Moreover, they also mentioned that it granted great buffs to the winning side and that caused the losing side to lose faster. As a result of this, Chemtech Drake was disabled. 

Nevertheless, it is time to welcome our old friend, Chemtech Drake. The drake has different effects on the Summoner’s Rift by means of its buff. In addition to its buff to the champions, the terrain of the Rift is affected by the Chemtech Drake soul with the improved and altered jungle plants. the Summoner’s Rift Team of League of Legends shared the details of Chemtech Drake and its effects.

  • Chemtech Drake will now grant a small amount of Tenacity and Heal/Shield strength when slain.
  • Chemtech Soul will grant bonus damage when below a certain amount of health.
  • Blast Cones will now blast those in range twice as far as before.
  • Honey Fruits will upgrade into Stim Fruits, no longer slowing champions that consume them and granting a small bonus shield in addition to the usual heal.
  • Scryer’s Bloom will upgrade into Stalker’s Bloom. When hit these plants will now reveal a small circular area around the plant and a cone opposite of the direction it was hit, granting movement speed towards revealed enemy champions and reducing wards revealed to 1 health.

Jungle Pets

In the Season 13 of League of Legends, jungle players will not be alone. There are new pets which seek adventure just beside the summoner. There are three different pets which jungle players can purchase in the in-game shop at the beginning of a game. As the jungler keeps killing jungle monsters, these pets gain improvements, which help them evolve in time. After the pets complete their evolution, the jungler acquires Avatar buffs. Moreover, each of the pets grants different buff to the player. Let’s check these buffs:

7 Changes You Must Know for League of Legends Season 13 - Jungle Pets

Jungle Pets

  • Noxian Embercat: This will be the pet of choice for junglers looking to play more aggressively. It will provide slows and bonus damage.
  • Ixtali Ixamander: This jungle pet is perfect for junglers looking to frontline and tank for their teams. It will provide a shield based on your health that provides bonus slow resist and Tenacity when broken.
  • Ionian Cloudleaper: This jungle pet will be great for junglers looking to rotate and move around the map more quickly. It will provide bonus movement speed.

Helpful Updates for the Jungle Players

League of Legends brings more helpful changes for the junglers. These changes will work for the benefit for especially beginners. In that part of the guide, there are two different changes to mention. The first one is about leashing range indicators and the other is about jungle path recommendation

Leashing Range Indicators

The range of the jungle monsters is one of the discussion topics in League of Legends. As a result of this, the Summoner’s Rift team has  developed a new feature for the jungle gameplay. The feature which has already been added to the game is being tested by the players. The feature adds visual leashing indicators which show how far the jungle monsters move away from their camp so that players have an easier gameplay for the jungle role. 

7 Changes You Must Know for League of Legends Season 13 - Recommended Jungle Paths

Recommended Jungle Paths

Jungle Path Recommendation

This feature is also significant for the beginners. It provides a recommended jungle path for each champion. Moreover, these recommendations depend on the data which has been gathered by the winning rates of the experienced players. Lastly, the recommended jungle path pop-ups in the mini-map and the camps are numbered from 1 to 6.

7 Changes You Must Know for League of Legends Season 13 - Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Communication Tools

This change is for both Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss as it affects the gameplay. From now on, there are 8 different pings on the ping wheel in order to provide a fast communication with the team. Thanks to these extra pings, it will be easier to communicate with the team by means of ping wheel in the League of Legends Season 13. The shared preview notes introduce that new system with these explanations:

  • Returning Pings (clockwise): Retreat, On My Way, Assist Me, Enemy Missing
  • New Pings (clockwise): Push, All-In, Hold, Bait
  • New Vision Pings: Vision Cleared, Enemy Vision, Need Vision

Top Lane Changes

The changes might be affecting mostly the jungle players. However, top lane players experience a change for their gameplay. In other words, League of Legends brings adjustments for top lane players by means of providing an update which helps them scale faster than before. Let’s check the note for this update:

  • Solo Lane Experience: Solo lanes will now receive a 95% experience multiplier (previously 93%) from minions.
  • Duo Lane Experience: Duo lanes will now receive a 22% bonus experience multiplier (previously 24.73%) from minions.
  • Mid Lane Gold Changes: All minions spawned in the mid lane will now be worth 1 less gold before 14 minutes when last hit (previously, only cannon minions were worth less gold, but were worth 10 less gold).
7 Changes You Must Know - Objective Voting

Objective Voting

Objective Voting

Another feature has come to the Rift for League of Legends Season 13. Objective Voting is one of the features that have been expected to be added to the game. It provides an interactive voting for the team whose members cannot decide what to do next or when to take an object in the Rift. All the players of the team can vote when the voting function pop-ups just like the surrender vote. Lastly, The function pop-ups when an object is pinged by means of On My Way ping or Retreat ping.

ARAM Changes

In addition to endless jungle updates, it is time to mention the great update for Howling Abyss. Riot Maxw3ll from the new Design Lead of the Modes Team on League of Legends shared those changes on another article. Riot Maxw3ll mentions that there are various changes for ARAM like new map features and adjustments in order to improve gameplay in ARAM. Let’s check out different headings for this topic.

Roster-Wide Changes

In this heading, the Modes Team introduces the upcoming updates for ARAM on the patch 12.23. To sum up, this part generally focuses on the reduction of the frustration that players suffer from while they are playing ARAM. For instance, Attack Damage Carry (ADC) chamipons will not be able to easily clear the mininon waves while they are healing back. Here’s the notes for this part:

  • Omnivamp and Lifesteal against minions will be reduced by 50%.
  • Changing the long-range damage modifier: Currently damage dealt by champions over 1000 units away is reduced by 15%. We are further reducing the damage based on additional distance. The reduction will now scale up between 15-30% based on being 1000-2000 distance away. This will more heavily nerf some of those SUUUUPER long range abilities that are too repeatable. As a reminder, this damage reduction does not affect Ultimate Abilities.
  • Bonus Magic Resist for Melee Champions will be increased from 10 to 15.

Howling Abyss Map Updates

The ARAM map, Howling Abyss, experiences a change too. There are three new features for the frosty map. Let’s gain insight about these upcoming features on the Howling Abyss.


Hexgates are coming to League of Legends for the purpose of providing a faster arrival at the actions for the summoners. As a result of this feature, it is aimed for players to have a lot more fun while they are playing ARAM. Let’s check the explanation of Hexgates in the Howling Abyss from the team:

  • Hexgates will be present from the beginning of the game and will teleport you directly from your Nexus to your outer tower. Once your first tower is destroyed, the Hexgate will then link to your team’s inhibitor tower where it will then stay for the rest of the game, setting your team up for some fun flanking plays or crazy back doors. And yes, you can use your enemy’s Hexgate. 

Falling Towers

There are some map animations which create a different atmosphere for the gameplay while playing in the map, Howling Abyss. One of these animations is the falling towers which will have an extra function in the Season 13 of League of Legends. Hear it from the Modes Team in League.

  • With this update, whenever towers are destroyed they will collapse and leave behind a pile of rubble which will be treated as new terrain. Our goal with falling towers is to create more interesting situations on the map that break away from the usual straight line of ARAM. Now you’ll have new choke points to think about and terrain you can experiment with to create new plays!
7 Changes You Must Know - Brush


Brushing Up

The last upcoming feature in the Howling Abyss is an extra brush. This brush will take place at the bottom side of the map. Moreover, this bursh is wide enough to hide 5 champions at once. With the upcoming brush update for the Howling Abyss, it is aimed for teams to create different fun plays. 

Champion-Specific Balance Updates

This is the last update to mention about the change of ARAM and the Howling Abyss. With the other upcoming features, ARAM will provide a total different gameplay for the players. As a result of this, some champions require adjustments. Some of the champions that have a great role for having fun and winning a game in the Howling Abyss get these adjustments. Here’s the notes for these adjustments which have been shared by the Modes Team:

Resource Regeneration – Targeted at energy-using champions, the management of Energy is intended to be used for quick engages and escapes, but in ARAM the fight never stops. In order to make these characters’ patterns a little more accessible and friendly to teamfighting, we’re adding the following:

  • The following Champions will be gaining 20% bonus Energy Regen on ARAM: Akali, Kennen, Lee Sin, and Zed.

Tenacity – ARAM is a bad time if you die to a single CC spell. We’ll be giving some of our squishier melee characters bonus Tenacity so that they can shrug off CC a little quicker.

  • The following champions will gain 20% Tenacity on ARAM: Akali, Ekko, Elise, Evelynn, Fizz, Kassadin, Katarina, Kayn, Kha’Zix, LeBlanc, Pyke, Qiyana, Rek’Sai, Rengar, Talon, and Zed.

Ability Haste – Only one entry this time, for our favorite arrow-spamming Freljordian, Ashe. Her ability to build Imperial Mandate and simply spam Volley to slow a whole team has meant that she hasn’t reacted much when we nerf her damage. We’re nerfing her Ability Haste specifically to reduce how often she can cast her team-wide slow and mark spell.

  • Ashe will receive -20 Ability Haste in ARAM.

This is the end of this guide for you summoners. These changes will affect a whole year of League of Legends. From the Chemtech Drake to ARAM changes, an amazing League of Legends season approaches to you players. I hope that the guider has provided you information about the upcoming season. Be safe until we meet again in another guide.

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