Aurelion Sol New Changes Announced

Riot Games is keen on introducing updates for a lot of League of Legends champions, and LOL's space dragon would be no less. Aurelion Sol's new changes are focused on a gameplay update that has been due for some time, but what does Riot have in mind?

Aurelion Sol new changes announcedThere are some champions in League of Legends that are somehow forgotten. Developers can’t seem to make them work well and most players can’t get the hang of them. Aurelion Sol has been one of these champions since his release; he was teased as a “Lord of the stars”, but his playstyle was clunky and weird. As such, only a handful of players decided to invest proper time in mastering the champion. Riot tried to fix his low play rate in 2019 with a mini-rework, but it didn’t quite work. Now, Aurelion Sol’s new changes hint that Riot is trying again with a gameplay update.

Riot has made the announcement by uploading a short video of Rob (Riot “KingCobra”), a developer and Aurelion Sol lover. In it, Rob talks about why the celestial dragon is so unique and the main aims of the gameplay update. However, he also discloses that the team is only starting to work on the changes, so the fanbase will have to wait a bit for them.

Devs Spill the Beans: Aurelion Sol Gameplay Update | Dev Video - League of Legends

(Video by League of Legends)

Main takeaways of the Aurelion Sol new changes video

  1. Developers will heavily base the gameplay on Aurelion’s thematic: a very powerful space dragon with a huge ego.
  2. The team wants to make Aurelion Sol a very powerful late-game mage. As such, he will have a weak early game and a huge power spike in the late game.
  3. Aurelion’s abilities will have special scaling properties. For example, some of his abilities will grow larger in size as the game goes on. In the video, they exemplify this by showing a kind of black hole that becomes bigger and bigger.
  4. Riot wants the space dragon to live up to the hype he had when he got out. So, they want the players to feel like “space gods” in the late game. 
  5. Rob didn’t specify if Aurelion Sol’s stars (the most unique part of his kit) will stay or go. Yet, in the “black hole” ability showcased, the stars are missing.
Aurelion Sol's new changes include new abilities, such as the

Aurelion Sol’s new changes include new abilities, such as the “black hole” one that grows in size as the match is played

Ultimately, Riot developers want players to feel amazing while playing Aurelion Sol, and they seem to be working in the right direction. An egotistical lord of the universe who is fun to play sounds very nice, but players will have to wait and see how this one turns out. The gameplay update is still in its early stages, and Riot tends to be very careful when implementing them.

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