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Spintires: MudRunner Has A New Trailer

Ever want to destroy your truck but not want to fix it up? Ever want to go deep mudding? Think about checking out Spintires this Halloween then! Dream of being a mud runner? Dream of taking a vehicle out into the mud pits or the open roads ...

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Orcs Must Die! Unchained Releases New Hero Tundra!

What could be even better than mass murdering Orcs? Doing it as a loveable frosty bear. Well, this experience is now available in Orcs Must Die! Unchained! Getting the itch to go Orc hunting? Orcs Must Die! Unchained has the solution and a ...

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LIGHTFIELD To Release September 26th

What's better than racing? The only answer to that is futuristic racing. But, if that doesn't fully satisfy your cravings, what if you could drive anywhere? Lightfield is looking to make that a reality What's better than racing? Th...

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Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey’s Closed Beta Begin September 7

What if Gajeel, Natsu, and Jellal were to form a team of epic mages and take on hundreds of foes? Well, this new official Fairy Tail seeks to answer that question and much more with its massive amount of characters and possibilities. Anime ...

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99Vidas Review (PS4)

Ever want to relive the good old days of video games? The days of fighting random bikers and crazy cat ladies? Then, take a trip down memory lane with 99Vidas. A game guaranteed to return you to those days of glory! Intro 99Vidas features a...

4.6 Poor
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Agents Of Mayhem Released

Ever wanted to relive the joy of super powers and outrageous outtakes from Saints Row? Agents of Mayhem from Deep Silver has your back then! Agents of Mayhem, the "non-sequel" sequel to Saints Row: Gat Outta Hell has just had...

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New Tokyo Dark Trailer Released

Like Anime? Like Video Games? Well, then Cherrymochi has something for you in Tokyo Dark! The game which was funded through Kickstarter is nearing its release date and with that comes a new trailer for the game. The trailer consists of...

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Phantom Trigger Review

Have you decided to enter madness? To journey into insanity and try to piece together the truth? Do you want it to be extremely hard at the same time? Why not give Phantom Trigger a try then! Intro Delve into the deepest depths of sanity in...

6.5 Fair
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Shadow of War Goes Mobile

With the massive amounts of spin-offs and sequels these days, it's no surprise that Shadow of Mordor got a sequel. But a mobile game to follow suit with the sequel? Only time will tell if these two games can live up to the original. One of ...

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Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire Announced

Looking for more to add to your gaming backlog? Guild Wars 2 is adding a brand new expansion which allows for mounts and offers a bunch of new areas to explore. Don't miss this chance to jump back into Guild Wars 2. Ever feel like your imme...

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Urgot Rework Released

One of the most despised champions receives a face lift. But, is it enough to breathe new life into the charcater? Why not check it out and find out for yourself! After so many years of Riot Games teasing an Urgot rework, it has finally arr...

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Destiny 2 Preview (PS4)

Was Destiny lacking anything? The only thing that can be thought of is a story and Destiny 2 fixes that and some. Bungie returns to their roots of impressive storytelling for this game. Introduction The Tower, the home of the last remnants ...

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