League Of Legends Suddenly Drops Trailer for New Champion: Nilah

There has been a new champion trailer dropped for League of Legend's next addition to the roster. Speculated to be a new ADC, details and more news will be tackled here, including fan feedback and reactions teased in the trailer.

League Of Legends Suddenly Drops Trailer for New Champion NilahNilah, the latest upcoming character for League of Legends, has just suddenly appeared in a new trailer posted by League’s official youtube channel. The trailer was just released hours ago, meeting a flurry of reactions from fans, with most shocked at how sudden the reveal was.

It seems that the sudden reveal for Nilah was due to the last champion, Bel’Veth, receiving a lot of leaks prior to her official reveal. The near-instantaneous reveal for her could avoid the appearance of more leaks, which could drastically affect the hype for new champions. Not to say that Nilah didn’t receive leaks of her own, but compared to the previous release, it was far less in number.

League Of Legends Suddenly Drops Trailer for New Champion Nilah

Nilah, about to negate being stunned by Twisted Fate

The trailer showcased both fronts of what seems to be her lore and part of her gameplay. It was thought that she was going to be a high-mobility ADC, and that was showcased in the trailer with her having a bounty of dashes. Her attacks also seem to be pseudo-ranged (much like Thresh), as she uses a whip rather than projectiles. A part in the trailer also shows her completely negating an instance of crowd-control from Twisted Fate.

Lore-wise however, she seems to reside within Bilgewater or in a region adjacent to it as shown in the trailer. She also appears to carry or pray to the power of a “demon” as she calls it in the trailer, with that being the reason she can harness water abilities. Said demon is speculated to be the “demon of joy” as they call it, also hinted at by Nilah’s overall demeanor and visual design.

Fan feedback regarding the trailer was a bit of a mixed bag. It was hard to say if the comments regarding her mobility were satire or genuine, though, knowing the community, it’s probably a bit of both. League of Legends’s previous champion also had somewhat high mobility, and that seems to be a bit of a pet-peeve with fans as faster champs are a bit more difficult to play against. 

Nilah: The Joy Unbound | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

Whatever the reaction may be, there’s no doubt people are excited to pick her up. With people pointing to both her cheery personality and fun-looking playstyle as to why they want to try her out. However, Nilah also has the potential to be the next overloaded champ, with people already dubbing her the “water Yasuo” liking the two’s dash-y playstyle. She is speculated to release along with patch 12.13, dropping on July 13.

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