League of Legends’ Dr. Mundo Rework Revealed

Boasting a fresh makeover, Dr. Mundo's rework was unveiled earlier today. The newly reworked Madman of Zaun sports a kit that keeps his core identity of being a health-regenerating unstoppable juggernaut intact while giving him some extra tools to play with.

League of Legends' Dr. Mundo Rework Revealed CoverAnnounced months ago, Dr. Mundo’s rework was revealed earlier today. As one of League of Legends’ oldest champions, Dr. Mundo was long-overdue for a gameplay and visual update. With a modern kit that gives the Madman of Zaun CC immunity, as well as borrowing some tools from Tahm Kench and Sion’s kits, Dr. Mundo will remain as the cleaver-throwing undying juggernaut. 

His new passive is “Go Where He Pleases”, which grants him a canister that gives him one-time CC immunity before going on cooldown. 

Dr. Mundo’s Q, “Infected Bonesaw”, remains largely the same.

Dr. Mundo’s new W, “Heart Zapper”, works similar to his old W, “Burning Agony”. It still features the same Area-of-Effect damage but only lasts for a set amount of time and features a burst of magic damage at the end. It also stores grey health he deals to enemy champions, which he consumes at the end. 

Corporate Mundo's new splash art

Corporate Mundo’s new splash art

His E, “Blunt Force Trauma”, still gives him passive bonus AD but has a new active. Dr. Mundo throws his medical bag at an enemy, dealing physical damage. If the enemy dies from it, they fly back and damage enemies they pass through, similar to Sion’s E “Roar of the Slayer.”

His new ultimate, “Maximum Dosage”, remains largely the same as well, but instead of costing HP to activate, it instantly heals a percentage of his HP.

All of Dr. Mundo’s skins will be receiving a makeover as well, including his legendary skin “Corporate Mundo”, as shown above. Dr. Mundo is expected to hit the live servers on Patch 11.12 in a few weeks. 

Dr. Mundo Reveal - The Madman of Zaun | REWORK

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