League of Legends: Ahri ASU Hits PBE Server

The long awaited Art & Sustainability Update (ASU) for the Nine Tailed Fox is finally here. After a year of teasers from Riot Games and even longer of new shiny skins being constrained to a 10 year old animation set while Riot's other projects tote a fully functional fox.

League of Legends: Ahri ASU Hits PBE ServerRejoice! The wait is over! Ahri’s ASU has finally hit the PBE. After a much needed mid-scope update back in 2022, Ahri was back on the rift. Then came the successful Caitlyn ASU and later, it was announced Ahri was the next in line for a refresh. These updates revamp all visual elements of a champion, without touching any of the core mechanics. This means a brand new model, animations, ability icons and skill effects, amongst a few QoL tweaks. She even has a cool new theme!

Ahri ASU Theme | League Client Music

All of Ahri’s splash art also gets an update, some being brand new art, while more recent skins splashes are just receiving some tweaks. The biggest of these is Foxfire Ahri, where her original design has been replaced with the newer Wild Rift design, and an even newer splash of it. Checkout the biggest changes below:

Despite numerous delays over the next year, it’s looking like Ahri will hit the live client with Patch 13.2 on January 24th if the PBE schedule is followed. If you have a PBE account you can login and check out Ahri’s changes for yourself right now, but for the rest of us, we will have to wait.

It’s also looking like the eagerly awaited Aurelion Sol update will also be happening around the same time, and with Ahri finally released, who do you want to receive an ASU next?

Source: Skin Spotlights, League of Legends Twitter

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