League of Legends – $10 million prize pool??

League of Legends - $10 million prize pool?? Depends on the game...

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Just a three weeks old website is trying to get one of the biggest price in Fantasy e-sports competitions. Will the team behind it be successful? Maybe it will. Because only after this short time the owners have announced that they accomplished the $1 million goal in prizes. And behind this project are many sound names from the Pro players. This unexpected milestone of $1M was done only because of the huge response from the LoL community.

In short. You create your team of players form the real guys in your location (EU, NA, …). You put them to the selected positions and of course try to buy the best players. But they are more expensive and you must choose who to buy and who to put in the Jungle, Mid, Bot and Top lane. Then you wait for example just a day or a week depending on the Contest. The goal is to pick a team that outperforms all others in a chosen league and wins you some money.

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What is Fantasy sport in general? You can read more at the redbull official site:

Fantasy sports get the player to take on the role of a team manager, creating their imaginary squad using real players. They can then track how this imaginary team is doing by following how those individual players do in their games. Points are awarded for being on the winning side, but are also given for individual shows of skill – scoring goals and so on. As the season progresses some players will become more valuable. Managers can tweak their lineup by making trades. The right trade at the right time can have a significant impact on the points your team earns and, therefore, how well you're doing in your fantasy league.

The idea behind it is quite simple. Don't be just a passive spectator but enjoy the matches much more. And with this system you can. Of course it costs money and if you are not careful you can find out that the winnings are not on the same level as your losses. But everything is up to you and you can be furious only at yourself.

Vulcun said that last week they gave out a total of $16403.00 distributed between 1,731 users!

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If you want to join the community expect to wait right now for about 5 days before you get the invitation. You can sign up here.

Check a strategy of Imaqtpie, formerly Team Dignitas player.

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