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Riot Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass, Including League of Legends

There has been an announcement regarding Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass being officially partnered with Riot Games, the company behind the biggest free to play games in the market. The partnership brings games like Valorant and League of Legends to Game Pass, with the insane perk of having all the playable characters unlocked and more.

Riot Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass, Including League of LegendsJust now, Riot has officially announced their partnership with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. A video regarding the details of their partnership has also shown up, covering the games and perks that are included. The news has brought quite the shock to the games’ respective communities, especially those within League of Legends and Valorant.

Xbox Game Pass has been a well-known video game subscription service for a long time now. With most of that because of the day one Xbox Game Pass releases, wherein you get the game for free as long as you are subscribed. Many games have been put into this platform, with it’s main draw being it’s accessibility to games by just paying a monthly fee.


All the perks shown for the games

Most of the titles here, however, are paid, so what do Riot’s already free games get for it? They get huge perks for Xbox Game Pass subscribers; in League of Legend’s case every champion will be unlocked. It isn’t just the PC version, but the mobile port will also have the same perk. Similar goes for Valorant, wherein all agents will be unlocked as long as you have Xbox Game Pass.

Riot’s Xbox Game Pass partnership also brings perks to it’s other two games. Teamfight Tactics will have a founder pack available, and Legends of Runeterra will have select little legends unlocked. These perks, along with the others mentioned above, will only be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers and will arrive in winter of this year. With Xbox Game Pass only costing $10 a month, it’ll be a worthwhile investment for active players who wants those perks.

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