MSI Semi-Final: T1 Destroys G2 3-0

The MSI semi-final between T1 and G2 was one of the most expected events of the season, and it didn't disappoint. And, even if T1 managed to crash G2 3-0, the games were filled with tension, intense team fights, and great map control. Faker was crazy good, Oner and Keria became unsung heroes and Gumayushi took vengeance on Flakked, but let's analyze the games individually.

MSI semi-finals: T1 destroys G2 3-0

The first set, and most expected, of MSI semi-finals, brought us T1 vs G2 in an exciting best of 5. The two teams faced each other in the group matches with an even score, 1 win each. However, the Korean team came into the game with a better overall score (7-3) than the Europeans (5-5).

The European giants started a thrilling group stage with 5 consecutive wins, including the one that ended T1’s 26 consecutive win streak. After it, they couldn’t maintain their playstyle and lost all of their remaining games but the one against Evil Geniuses. They could qualify for the semi-finals, but it was not good enough to win against one of the best teams in the world; in the end, T1 destroyed G2 with a 3-0.

MSI semi-final game 1: The best player in the world is back

SKT T1 had a clear game plan in mind: play aggressively and control the early game as much as possible; that is what they did. The Korean team had very aggressive picks in champ select and completely dominated G2 in the early game.

Faker’s Tristana was the outstanding MVP of the game, as he destroyed 4 towers before minute 16 with the help of Oner’s control of Rift Herald. 

The gold difference at min 12:50 was already outstanding as Faker's Tristana demolished G2's towers non-stop

The gold difference at min 12:50 was already outstanding as Faker’s Tristana demolished G2’s towers non-stop (screenshot of Onivia highlights on YouTube)

After this structural demolition, it was a swift ride for T1. Oner’s Viego and Faker’s Tristana showed their incredible map awareness and rotation power, striking down any of G2’s attempts to recover. Flakked and Targamas tried to turn the game around, but the huge gold difference (that ended up being over 10 k) meant that their attempts were useless. 

MSI semi-finals game 2: T1 proves (again) that aggressive playstyle works

Game 2 couldn’t have started worse for G2, as a flash hook hit from a level 1 Keria found Caps, which would be killed. T1 proved again that they knew what they were doing, what they wanted, and how they wanted it. 

This time Oner’s map control didn’t hard carry his team; but Gumayushi’s Xayah and Keria’s Nautilus were too aggressive and effective for G2 to handle. Botlane tower was down by min 12 and Faker and Zeus made sure to destroy the top tower by minute 15. The Korean midlaner roamed very effectively compared to Caps, and helped his team with his perfect Le Blanc gameplay.

Broken Blade put G2 on his back, as he came up with great plays on Sion. This helped G2 massively, as they managed to equal things out in the mid to late game. Nonetheless, T1 executed a perfect baron bait that caught G2 by surprise and the Koreans aced them. The baron pressure ended up cornering G2, which could do nothing but watch their base fall.

T1 surprised G2 as they were walking to check Baron and handed them the first ace of the game

T1 surprised G2 as they were walking to check Baron and handed them the first ace of the game

MSI semi-finals game 3: The icing on the cake

In game three, everyone could clearly feel G2’s desperation through their plays. They were exhausted and tired and Faker’s Akali and Oner’s Lee Sin made sure to take advantage of it. Said tiredness was especially significant on Flakked and Jankos. The ADC was constantly out of position, often killed alone, and the jungler was constantly outplayed by Oner’s Lee Sin.

Oner and Zeus were the clear MVPs of game three. Their plays around Rift Herald, made possible by Zeus’ control of the map, made a big difference in the game. The toplaner constantly pushed the sidelines and attracted 3 or 4 of G2’s members, and even then he outplayed G2. Yet, Keria deserves some appreciation as well, as his roams were able to completely destroy G2’s hopes.

T1 vs G2 Highlights ALL GAMES Semifinals MSI 2022 T1 vs G2 Esports by Onivia

(Video by Onivia LEC,LCS,LCK,LPL highlights)

Looking forward

In the 2022 MSI semi-final, G2 deserved the loss; as their gameplay has not been the best in the latest games. Yet, they can still be a bit content with what they have done. They ended T1’s 26-win streak and won their first 5 games against some of the best teams in the world. With the team’s foundation, they can build an incredible legacy (with a LEC title already in their hands), but they will have to find a proper key to unlock their potential.

On the other hand, T1 will face RNG in the MSI final, which will decide who is the best LOL team in the world. The two Asian giants will face yet again in the final, as experts predicted at the start of the tournament. However, who will prove to be the best team?

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