Udyr Rework Update: Possible Release Date and Speculations

There are some new updates regarding the future for League of Legends' latest rework; Udyr, along with some info regarding a possible release window. There has also been reasons and speculations on why the rework is taking longer than anticipated.

Udyr Rework Update Possible Release Date and SpeculationsThe Udyr rework has been in the oven for months now, and people are itching for some updates, with almost no mention of the rework in Riot’s confirmations for patch 12.11. Out of the blue, Reav3, the lead champion producer for League, states some news in Reddit posts. This long-awaited rework could be on the horizon.

Udyr’s rework was first revealed in April 2022’s Champion Roadmap. Said to be a “Huge Makeover” for the champion, it was slated for a 2022 release window. Additionally, Riot themselves stated that champion reworks roughly take 9 months in their Champion Rework Devlog. Yet even a year since its reveal, the rework is still nowhere in sight.

However, Reav3 has dropped some much needed updates on the topic. Reav3 has stated in a Reddit thread that there will no longer be future devlogs on the champion. Furthermore, he also noted that more info would be available on the next Champion Roadmap. 


Udyr’s latest design in the devlog, with the symbols of his forms

To add to this, he also gave some hints as to when the rework could probably drop. In another Reddit thread, he was asked if the next release was Udyr, to which he responded that it was gonna be the new bot lane champion, which has been speculated to release in patch 12.14. Since Reav3 also added that the releases would be close together, so that there wouldn’t be huge waits between them, people deducted that Udyr’s release wouldn’t be off two to three patches from patch 12.14.

With previous reworks taking an average of 9 months to release, what’s taking this one so long? Long-running League YouTuber RossBoomSocks asked the same question. He made a video listing the possible reasons why the rework is time consuming. The main reason, he states, is the concept for the rework, which he states would have cost the team more time because of having to create so many effects. He also mentioned the fact that Udyr has a Mythic skin, which needs a ton of work, especially with how this’d be the first reworked Mythical skin.

The TRUTH behind what's taking the Udyr Rework so long

People left and right are anxiously awaiting this rework, as it is about one of the oldest champions in-game. Additionally, the community has stated that he’s so outdated that his visual style no longer fits the game. Though, people also fear this a bit, especially Udyr mains who wish their champion does not stray away from who he previously was. Hopes are high, however, and this is one of the most exciting updates to come out regarding Udyr’s rework.

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    friendly reminder that spirit guard was going to be a vgu and they decided to just make it an expensive skin instead


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