Champions That Need More Skins in League of Legends 2022

It is extremely difficult to deny just how great Riot is at crafting the perfect champion skins and other visual goodies for the League of Legends fanbase. However, some champions are simply not prioritized enough when it comes to said cosmetics. So, who deserves more wardrobe love? Stick around for a list of champions that need more skins as of 2022!

Champions That Need More Skins in League of Legends 2022

Cosmetics are a huge part of many video games nowadays. League of Legends— an extremely popular MOBA overflowing with a wide range of playable champions– is also no stranger to visual goodies. However, as Riot continues to add champion skins to their own pool of said cosmetics, favoritism becomes more and more prominent. Some champions have been given a plethora of great skins, while others have only been given a few over a long span of time. Consequently, this leaves a lot of neglected champions that need more skins on the roster.

Of course it is important to take popularity, play-rate, relevance, potential, etc. into consideration when examining how many skins each character has. Champions such as Ahri, Yasuo, and Lux all have a beautiful selection of skins– rightfully so. Likewise, it makes sense for newer champions such as Nilah and Bel’Veth to have less skins regardless of how many players main them. However, all of this still begs the question: why do so many amazing champions lack in the skin department? So today, we’re discussing a handful of awesome champions that need more skins added to their wardrobe moving forward as of 2022!

Nightbringer Lillia, Elderwood Ornn, and Star Guardian Neeko

Nightbringer Lillia, Elderwood Ornn, and Star Guardian Neeko

The Eternal Hunters: Kindred

Kindred– Lamb and Wolf– are a jungling duo who represent the duality of death. Despite greeting League of Legends with a 2015 release, Kindred only has 4 different skins as of July 2022. Kindred is without-a-doubt one of the most unique champions in League of Legends, as their concept is extremely hard to compete with. On top of that, Kindred’s design is flawless and their abilities syncopate with their lore extremely well. Such an interesting duo most definitely deserves more love in terms of cosmetics!

There is an insane amount of potential lurking in the shadows here. The synchronization between Lamb and Wolf is graceful, yet mysterious. The release of Old God Kindred or Cosmic Kindred would be amazing. On the other hand, something totally out of character like Bee Kindred would add a level of charm and lightheartedness to the champion’s wardrobe. With all that being said, no one can run from the fact that Kindred definitely deserves their spot on this list of champions that need more skins!

Kindred's base skin

Kindred’s base skin

The Star Forger: Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol is a gigantic space dragon with a mixture of power and ego to match his size. This egotistical space dragon has been around since 2016. However, Aurelion Sol only possesses 3 skins as of July 2022. On top of that, these 3 skins heavily lack variety. Aurelion Sol is an extraordinary champion who deserves much more exaggeration. With the title of space dragon, Sol needs a wardrobe as big and mighty as him!

Aurelion Sol would really benefit from a few skins that not only feed his ego, but ones that also heavily contrast his mystical presence. Spirit Blossom Aurelion Sol or Phoenix Aurelion Sol would be amazing to see. Of course, since we already have Meowrick and Corgi Corki, a giant space pet gliding all over the rift would also be a nice addition to the madness! A space dragon as mighty as Aurelion Sol is definitely one of the champions that need more skins in League of Legends!

Aurelion Sol's base skin

Aurelion Sol’s base skin

The Shield of Valoran: Taric

Taric is a support champion who acts as Runeterra’s guardian of life, love, and beauty. Despite gracing the world of League of Legends with his star light for over a decade, Taric only has a total of 5 skins as of July 2022. Taric is a fairly tanky support with a wide variety of useful abilities that many comps would benefit from. However, Taric is not given the amount of love he truly deserves by League fans and devs alike, often lost in the crowd of champions League has to offer.

While Taric has a handful of decent skins, his wardrobe could really use some pieces that emphasize his overall theme and personality. Heartseeker Taric and Spirit Blossom Taric would be extremely nice to see. Star Guardian Taric is also a very obvious thought considering his flashy kit and heroic lore. Anything lighthearted and pretty would suit Taric perfectly, giving him the affection he deserves after all these years! An iconic and radiant support such as Taric most definitely deserves a place on this list of champions that need more skins!

Taric's base skin

Taric’s base skin

The Chronokeeper: Zilean

Zilean is a powerful mage of time with the ability to manipulate the clock and use it to his advantage. Despite being around since the dawn of time itself, Zilean only possesses a total of 6 skins as of July 2022. Zilean has a unique kit full of time-based abilities and an aesthetic made up of components that have the potential to morph into some fantastic skins. The clock has been ticking for quite some time since Zilean was given his most recent skin. Furthermore, the majority of Zilean’s skins are on the older side, meaning that League’s resident keeper of time is overdue for some new attire!

Death Sworn Zilean or Guardian of the Sands Zilean would be super interesting to see. Anything that would either mesh well with his lore or create a fresh new look completely would make for some nice future skins. Regardless, there is no doubt that its time for the chronokeeper himself to update his wardrobe in some shape or form! Zilean most definitely deserves a spot on the list of champions that deserve more skins!

Zilean's base skin

Zilean’s base skin

The Stoneweaver: Taliyah

Taliyah is a nomadic mage who can bend and manipulate stone at her will. Despite having a 2016 release similar to Aurelion Sol, Taliyah only has a total of 4 skins (including her new Star Guardian skin which may or may not have released by the time you’re reading this) as of July 2022. Although she isn’t the most popular champion around, Taliyah has without-a-doubt weaved herself into the hearts of many League of Legends fans with her lovely design and earth-based abilities! 4 skins just isn’t enough for this girl!

A Guardian of the Sands skin would be an extremely obvious choice for this graceful stoneweaver. Something bright and fun, such as Arcade Taliyah, would also be great to see. Furthermore, an Infernal Taliyah would contrast nicely with Freljord Taliyah. Regardless, all things considered, its hard to deny Taliyah a spot on this list of champions that need more skins!

Taliyah's base skin

Taliyah’s base skin

The Spear of Vengeance: Kalista

Kalista is an undead spirit of vengeance. Kalista has been around since 2014, yet she only possesses a total of 4 skins as of July 2022. Not only does Kalista lack in quantity of skins, but also variety. Such an intimidatingly powerful champion having such an underwhelming wardrobe selection can only leave fans dying for more!

A spooky champion such as Kalista most definitely deserves a Halloween themed skin at some point. It would also be extremely interesting to see such a scary and serious character suddenly be pulled away from their standard appearance with the release of Pool Party Kalista! Anything to spice up the similar themes in Kalista’s current wardrobe would be more than enough. With all that being said, there is no denying that Kalista is one of the champions that need more skins!

Kalista's base skin

Kalista’s base skin

The Fire Below the Mountain: Ornn

Ornn is a powerful spirit of craftsmanship with a fiery set of abilities. Although Ornn has been in League of Legends since 2017, he still only has a total of 2 skins as of July 2022. Volibear and Anivia, powerful spirits similar to Ornn, both possess a wide variety of amazing skins. However, Ornn’s mighty design and volcanic kit most definitely earn him the right to be forged just as much love as the rest of League’s powerful gods!

Spirit Blossom Ornn and Black Frost Ornn would really compliment the power he holds within him. On the other hand, something heavily contrasting along the lines of Master Chef Ornn would allow for a refreshing side to this fiery entity! Regardless, there is no denying that Ornn simply lacks in the wardrobe department and deserves more cleverly crafted attire. Ornn most definitely deserves a spot on this list of champions that need more skins!

Ornn's base skin

Ornn’s base skin

The Curious Chameleon: Neeko

Neeko is a master of camouflage who possesses powerful spirit magic. Although Neeko has been around since 2018, she only has a total of 4 skins as of July 2022. Neeko has such a lighthearted and bubbly personality that many League of Legends fans adore! On top of that, her colorful arrangement of abilities and entertaining trickery makes for an extremely fun champion to play! Although Neeko has a handful of great skins, such an iconic champion deserves a few more fun disguises in her life!

Star Guardian Neeko is the perfect example of what suits Neeko. Elderwood Neeko and Arcade Neeko would make for some super interesting attire. Furthermore, something along the lines of Arcanist Neeko or Bewitching Neeko would perfectly emphasize this colorful chameleon of a mage! Regardless, it is safe to say that Neeko could use a few more skins to blend into her environment with!

Neeko's base skin

Neeko’s base skin

The Machine Herald: Viktor

Viktor is a brilliant scientist who devotes his studies to advancing the human race. Despite greeting the world of League of Legends in 2011, Viktor only possesses a total of 6 skins as of July 2022. While 6 skins is a fair amount, Viktor is a character who clearly deserves more justice. Viktor is an extremely interesting character not just because of Arcane, but in terms of just how brilliant his gameplay and overall design can feel in game. A bit more wardrobe diversity could most definitely draw more attention to this amazing herald of technology– and rightfully so!

A well-deserved Arcane skin would be outstanding. Furthermore, Viktor’s wardrobe would also benefit from skin releases such as Arcanist Viktor, Battle Academia Viktor, and Debonair Viktor. It would only be fair for such an iconic champion to be given the variety and amount of innovative love he truly deserves! With all that being said, Viktor is without-a-doubt one of the champions who deserve more skins!

Viktor's base skin

Viktor’s base skin

The Bashful Bloom: Lillia

Lillia is a magical forest-dwelling fawn who searches for people’s lost dreams. This skittish deer only has 2 skins as of July 2022 despite already being around for 2 years. Lillia is a champion with a beautiful design and an exciting set of abilities that allow for a thrilling jungle experience full of life and color! Lillia may not be everyone’s dream champion, however she has most definitely found a place in the hearts of many who find her to be simply precious. Such a unique character with this much potential most definitely deserves a few more additions to her wardrobe!

Elderwood Lillia is an obvious yet fantastic potential Lillia skin. Anything bright and fun, such as Arcade Lillia or Cafe Cuties Lillia, is without-a-doubt a great fit for such an adorable champion! At the same time, it would be interesting to see other skins similar to Nightbringer Lillia. With all of that being said, Riot devs should have no fear when it comes to giving Lillia a few more outfits to boost her confidence! Lillia is definitely one of the champions that need more skins!

Lillia's base skin

Lillia’s base skin


There are well over 100 champions in League of Legends today. So, of course, giving every single one of them the attention they deserve all at once is close to impossible. However, it doesn’t hurt to speculate which champions are long overdue for some more looks!

This was my take on the champions who need more skins in League of Legends 2022: but what’s yours? Who should be added to this list? Do you think anyone should be taken out? What part of this list do you agree with the most? Most importantly, what skins would you like to see in the future?

Thank-you for taking the time to read this list! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more content here at KeenGamer!

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