“Clash” Promises Thrilling Team-Based League Experience

Clash is LeagueOfLegends new bi-weekly tournament starting on May 25th. Participants of Clash are required to be ranked, level 2 mastery. All champions are unlocked allowing players to create strategic comps to defeat the competition.

"Clash" Promises Thrilling Team-Based League Experience
Riot Games is no stranger to making substantial changes during the Off Season, however, "Clashpromises to change things up. Clash is League of Legends new bi-weekly tournament mode focused on creating an LCS inspired team-based experience for players of all skill levels. Tournaments run for 3 consecutive days every two weeks.

In order to participate in Clash, players must create a custom team in the "Competitive" tab in the upper half of the game client. The team leader will create a custom team name while selecting a unique symbol to represent their team. The leader is able to invite team members regardless of their rank; however, players must be ranked and posses honor level 2 to qualify for entry. Team creation will begin May 20 and the first Clash will begin on May 25th.

"Clash" Promises Thrilling Team- Based League Experience
The combined skill level of your team places you into a "Tier". Individuals who are ranked higher (Diamond, Challenger) will cause your team's Tier rank to rise, lower ranked individuals( Bronze, Silver) will do the opposite.

"Clash" Promises Thrilling Team- Based League Experience
In order to prevent smurfing from occurring League of Legends has implemented 2 known systems. In order to participate in tournaments, players must register a phone number to their account. Before a match starts players will have 30 minutes to "Lock In" prior to a match starts. If any player is unable to lock in, then the team is unable to participate.

Once all team members have locked in, participants enter the Scouting Phase. During the Scouting Phase tournament participants are able to view the stats of others as well as top picks. All champions are unlocked during Clash which will allow teams to create the comps of their choosing.

Clash is a single elimination tournament that lasts over the span of 3 days broken into brackets of 4, 8, and 16 teams. In order to make it to the 8, and 16 team bracket participants must win and play each day. Teams that start on the 2nd day of the tournament will only be able to make reach the 8 bracket; a team that starts on the last day will only be able to reach the 4 bracket tournament. Teams that lose are out of the running for the tournament trophy, but they are still allowed to participate via consolation brackets that increase the loot and rewards players receive.

The team leader will also need to obtain a Ticket which can be obtained via Missions, Blue Essence, RP( Riot Points), or it can be gifted by friends to earn scaling rewards and participate in Clash. Leaders will be able to use ticket for common rewards and entry; they are also able to utilize tickets for premium rewards. As players win matches they will obtain Victory Points that will add up over 2 full tournaments allowing players to obtain new logos and banners. Clash Capsules are obtained upon the completion of the tournament. Trophies are the best items to obtain. Trophies remain in the player's Summoners Rift for two weeks.

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